Week 4: Thoughts That Fire Together Wire Together, Here’s an Edge


There is a time when each member starts to understand the confluence of the exercises has one primary purpose: to get their thoughts firing together around a new idea.

For each of us, well for most people, there comes an ‘Ah-Ha’ moment. ┬áThe day, time and place is different for all of us…..hey, we’re all a little different.

The urging, [OK,OK…the bullying], to get ‘feelings’ attached to the thoughts that will create a new blueprint, a.k.a. neuro-net has been a major focus for a reason.

From the clips in the previous blog-post we know that thoughts firing connect or wire together creating a ‘feeling’ and that ‘feeling’ releases peptides…..dfferent than have been released in the past.

The ‘Ah-Ha’ moment for some has come already…..that there really is a method behind the madness.


By mastering things we know we can control…..like reading an index card with some very simple and doable things on it …..and establishing the habit of

1]a thought

2]writing it down

3]reading it

4]promising to do it and

5] doing it …..we are following Hanee’sl sage advice…..and over the next few weeks we’ll simply up the ante once the habit is established and a feeling of accomplishment is linked to it.

But….it’s more…..as this ‘habit’ …. “thought-write-say-do” ……replaces the ‘habit’ of proscrastination……and this ‘habit replacing a habit’ links to Scroll 1…..

But…..it’s more…..as this simple chore is linked back to our DMPs…..

The linking thread is one of the 7 Adult learning patterns ~ Spatially…..

By noticing a particular color and/or shape all week…..it should link us back to the index card….a specific task on the card…..which WIRES to the PPNs….

Noticing how these things are linking……….and how ‘cunningly’ we put these things together is fun, we hope you enjoy it…..but….the ‘Ah-Ha’ comes when we discover we really are firing new thoughts together with a purpose …..and wiring them is going to be taken care of by the subconscious.


Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing how to integrate the service index card, your PPNs and your Plan of Action with the 7 adult learning patterns so there will be a constant bombardment, effortlessly and unconsciously, of new, vitalizing thoughts about our new reality…..the manifestation of your DMP.

The idea of starting with shapes and colors, spatially, is something anyone can control….we’ll up the ante soon.


By linking together colors and shapes with particular things within my DMP….it will intensify the connection of the new thoughts and make the connections of thoughts I want firing and wiring together stronger faster…….

Here is an example.


Mark Januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

Master Key Mastermind Alliance

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4 thoughts on “Week 4: Thoughts That Fire Together Wire Together, Here’s an Edge

  1. How cool! Mark, I didn’t think I was seeing the colors and wondered why, but right after, and I mean RIGHT AFTER I watched your video today, as I sat and looked out our condo window we’ve rented in downtown San Diego, they were everywhere! I don’t know if it was the power of suggestion, but something clicked. I’m still waiting for that strong AHA moment with my DMP, where everything comes together, but maybe I’m one of your slower peeps. Regardless, I do get the matching of colors to the specific thoughts. For instance, one of my sentences in my DMP is about starting my day with GOD….I put a blue rectangle next to it and now, when I see the blue, I think of my faith and spirituality. I haven’t moved out of my seat and I can see all 4 colors……it is definitely drawing me to think about my DMP! Thanks for the visual today!

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