Week 17 Master Key System ~ Letting Down or Uplifting


After the amazing “kindness” experience last week that kept us all focused and brought the Master Key Mastermind Alliance to warp factor 5 some folks have expressed a little drop off in energy.  This is really not necessary and simply by understanding what we have been reading we can uplift ourselves by implementing Emerson’s Law.

It really was astonishing to see over 1500 kindnesses identified and shared.

Can we top that?




One of the functions of the exercise was to mature the Mastermind Alliance.   No one that participated denies we’ve moved beyond the embryonic stage and experienced first hand the incredible power of two or more people working in perfect harmony with laser focus on a definiteness of purpose.

The question is how do we embrace this experience and not feel a let down?

Three simple steps and understanding Emerson’s Law on a new level.

  1. Get in the Franklin experiences 3 – 5 times a week
  2. Follow 2 – 4 people and compliment, compliment, compliment thier weekly focus
  3. Ride their personal makeover like your life depended on it

Understand that giving this type of encouragement, acknowledgement and volunteering, with action, to be a positive accountability makeover partner will pour blessing into your life that are incomprehensible and priceless.

There are 7 words that can change a life.  Those 7 words will appear in the material shortly.

I say “can” because those words are an idea for some and a reality for others.

If you follow those three suggestions when you read those 7 words your heart will soar, you will weep tears of joy….


Mark Januszewski

The World’s Laziest Networker

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9 thoughts on “Week 17 Master Key System ~ Letting Down or Uplifting

  1. Now that’s my kind of office, 17 miles of beach !!!
    Every time I seem to have a stressful day I find that when I read my mkmma stuff before going to bed all the stress goes away and all the hope for the future seeps right back into my body.

  2. Interesting observation about the drop. I didn’t experience that, if anything it seemed more pronounced, but I didn’t put it in the Key Klub, my bad. It was just pure fun to keep on looking for those acts of kindness.

    Seventeen miles of empty beach, what a visual and my dream. Here in FL we don’t go to the beach because of all the people.

    Met a lady the other day who knows exactly where you live and she said that your island is the most beautiful spot she has ever visited and she is a world traveler.

    Thank you Mark & Davene

  3. Giving Acts of Kindness is such a fun exercise. The exciting thing is seeing it be duplicated. We at a team took it viral. Now,that’s cool!

    Thanks Mark & Davene for these exercises. I not only love the person I’m becoming, I have all these awesome cool buddies.

  4. I didn’t really have a Let Down.The Nuns taught me many years ago that Kindness and Courtesy aren’t something you DO they are something you ARE. It’s a way of Life.
    PS, I wouldn’t mind hanging with you guys.

  5. Exciting! I can’t wait for the 7 words..I would love my office right on that beach too. All the beaches and carry my lap top.

  6. There must be a method to your madness :):) Everytime I come up against something in MKMMA – there you are addressing it! Thanks for being so aware of what we are going through and showing us a way through it!

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