Week 15 Master Key Master Mind Alliance Makeover


Week 15 is such an exciting time because the dues, the time and the effort begin to pay massive benefits for you as an individual.

The idea behind creating a world without from the world within, the change and unnerving experience about how life works is interesting to say the least………. sometimes challenging….. and, while it resonates on many levels depending on the kind of week or day we are having, the truth is it can “feel” like words on a page or …..somebody else’s idea until we experience practical application.

Transitioning these big or macro ideas into a “what can I do today” micro-experience starts an entirely new ‘creation’ for us as individuals……the make-over.


Remember? Don’t be scared……of your light.

Let it shine baby 🙂

Great advice.  It’s exciting to give yourself a makeover but it can feel pretty “different.”

You may recall in the early videos, before you even enrolled, we talked about the fact that we have to become a different person before we’ll do different things.  While the rest of America struggles to stop doing certain things – smoking, over-eating, etc – dooming their fate before they begin – you’ve chosen a different path.  You’ve decided to become a different person and because of the dues you’ve paid coupled with your knowledge of the Law of Growth you’ll be able to manifest a different you.

That different “you” will be able to do different things and obtain different results.  Here’s how powerful this experience is for those, like you, who have paid the price already for a successful 2011.

You, unlike most of America, understand that by choosing a virtue and focusing on that instead of trying to “get rid” of a defect sets you apart from 98% of the people out there struggling to improve.



Mark J

The World’s Laziest Networker

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2 thoughts on “Week 15 Master Key Master Mind Alliance Makeover

    I can see so many changes taking place in my Wellness, in my Business, it’s amazing.
    Today is our 39th wedding anniversary. Like you said we didn’t start Jan 1st we started in Sept.
    I know that I know we will be Financially Free by the end of 2011. Why? Because your and Davene taught me “I CAN BE WHAT I WILL TO BE”.

    People are already contacting me as a “True Health & Wellness Coach”. I have Net-workers joining my business.

    I’m getting caught up with all my home work.
    It’s wonderful.
    Thank you so much.
    Agape’ O. Darlene Wood

  2. Congratulations to you for making healthy choices!!
    The more we think about what we don’t want the more we get of it right? So when we think about quitting smoking we think of loss and the struggle to get through the day or hour. What we think about grows, so smoking is going to be on our minds constantly.
    Training my brain to think of what I want, not what I need to get rid of and don’t want.

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