The Fun Begins, I’m Still Learning, How About You?


Not on my watch. ­čÖé


I am still learning…….


In talking with MKMMAer’s we realized we were not clear about the ‘post’ 60 or so days ….you know that time when the class is over and while there is a sense of relief and of accomplishment too……there is a little let down for some folks…..even those who were smart enough to create and empower a Master Mind or two for themselves and others.


We’ve got a lot going to ……..whole lot is going on and I wanted to give you an update…..


But before I do let me share a couple things with you……and make a suggestion.


Reward yourself for you accomplishment.


Rewarded behavior gets repeated.


The Fabulous Davene and I committed to hiking the beautiful Napali Coast as a celebration and we were blessed to have Rob Kenyon and The Divine Donna join us.


What a day!


The Fab LOVES the TV Series Mad Men…..and the Boston Red Sox


Look who we saw on the trail…..



Here is the scoop….The guy who plays Roger on Mad Men, on of Dav’s Favs…..asks her if she’s wearing her Red Sox hat….he’s got one on too.


Very cool guy from the town, Newton MA, I went to HS in.


We walk and talk for a while.



3 Webcasts…..none required [happy?]


All the webcasts are in the members area…..


Thursday – techno – we’re really starting to build lists and work
together to get you on the front page of google


Sunday – Sort of a reunion call, brief, 30 minutes
….updates and
what you can expect regarding short term and long term for the
MKMMA product and other products we are rolling out to help you and
to earn money for you




Davene is finished with re-doing the palindrome, much bigger
letters….it’s working, this version is awesome….if you are
using it you’ll need to redo you page [will only take you a minute
or two] and place the new one in there.  Unfortunately, YouTube
does not like  duplicate videos
here is the new version….let’s get it viral

If you need help redoing your squeeze page, ask for help, this rocks !!


Doug, Jim and Davene have some very cool stuff and proven ideas for
traffic and list building over the next month.
Plug in…..pick and choose……..
Keep building
mark j
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