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Week 22 Master Key System Master Mind – 7 Levels of Thinking & Recruiting Video


I learned on ball fields over 50 years ago…..the last laps, the last repetitions, the last few whatever……are the ones that make a difference.

The Master Key System Master Mind Alliance class is not ending…..not for the heroes and champions that are emerging.

The real winners like Henry Vigeant, Mr. Skills…..who gave us some great leadership tips last Sunday on the webcast…..are not limping to the finish line.

Hell no!

Like Doug Karnuth, Henry is just getting warmed up.

The commitment level, how people finish is a key indicator of the leadership attributes within that person.

Doug’s contributions have ‘extra mile’ written all over them….both these guys know how to answer the question, ‘what does leadership mean?’

They lead by example……doing extra for the class, for all of us.

Stay focused, not on finishing…..be realizing this is the beginning of the hero’s journey, your journey and all the work was preparation


Amy Knudsen did not get out of the blocks with her new networking business like she wanted.

She learned, practiced, made calls and asked for feedback.


But she had a bigger weapon than discouragement, she could see the invisible and stayed persistent.

Amy ‘gets’ she needed to improve ……it’s straight Master Key System…….she paid the price because she knows to improve the team you’ve got to improve yourself.

See, in conversations …….it’s clear to see Amy, just like Doug and Henry who are ‘ripping it’ in their MLMs…..has worked, on step at a time…..through the 7 levels.

1. Copy……see re-examined who to copy.

2. Effective then…..3. Efficient…..I think like a lot of people with a family and work……it would be easy to skip over level 2…..most people do….and focus on finding time.

Not Doug, not Henry [5 kids] and not Amy.

So she gets to 4, improving….and she practices…..but she’s making calls.

Somehow, in a couple conversations, it was pretty easy to see she was thinking differently, level 6 and had moved into 7.

She had a plan……planned her work and worked her plan with her upline …..even when she did not feel like it.

Doing the impossible.

Just like all of us Master Key System students, Amy knows doing the impossible is easy if you can ‘see it’

Seeing the invisible let’s all of us do the impossible.

2 short videos…….about that ……not as good as any of the 3 elegant presentations we were all treated to on the webcast….but…..you can see something impossible done on the first one…..

The second one…..is a impromptu recruiting situation…..don’t let the camera being all over the place distract you from the prospects reaction….

We actually met him because I insisted The Fabulous Davene come up to the Canyon …..I had just been up there…..and I gotta tell you….God was really showing off up there.

Enjoy…..vid #1 is our ‘Impossible’

….vid # 2 is the short recruiting ‘thang’…..try to listen for his ‘shock’ and curiosity factor……it’s textbook.


mark januszewki

Master Key System

Week 20 Master Key Master Mind Alliance ~ One Eyed Man Is King, And So Are You


In the land of the blind a one-eyed man is king.

Yeah, it’s graphic but it’s something much more to those immersing themselves in the Haanel’s Master Key System …..and doing the work in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance course.

The leadership tips and leadership attritbutes we’re all discovering as a group are numbing and freeing at the same time.

Most newbies in networking quickly find the Internet…..and, thinking it’s a short cut……the interlopers find them.

And since these bottom feeding grifters all pitch the same thing…..leads, leads, leads……prospects, prospects, prospects…….most people end up trying to evaluate which ‘system’ out there is the best.

MKMMA [Master Key Master Mind Alliance] members know better……

It’s so clear…..once one knows the truth……

Prospects do not drive businesses…….distributors do.

Educated, skilled distributors drive businesses, not prospects.

This makes you, once you know this and know a couple of simple skills, a one eyed man in the land of the blind.


We know the second biggest lie in networking is ‘people don’t duplicate, systems to’……a myth perpetuated by people who want to sell systems.

Skills, taught hands on will improve everyone and the 3-deep pattern has been proven to be the only thing that, in fact does duplicate.

We hear this and see this with great networkers like Rob Kenyon, a master at teaching skills and Doug Karnuth.….who teaches with patience and precision.  Their blogs reflect some very interesting and profound leadership attirbutes.

It’s brilliant stuff but that is not really what is separating Doug and Rob from the pack of MLMers out that…….the difference is they know that it’s NOT about how many prospects they enroll ~ it’s what they teach the people they enroll …..the hands on skills are the deal……not systems and leads and generic mentoring.  They get it.

They are both kings in the sea of blinded, [by the internet gurus who sell ‘secrets’], newbies.

Rob and Doug know that there are no secrets ……never has been……..and no one needs to pay someone 400 bucks an hour to get coached.

They know that the ‘blind’ are led to places online that claim things like ‘what your upline doesn’t want you to know’…….what bullshit…..and, sadly, some people actually believe it and send these clowns money.

Kings……yes sir…..when you know the truth and help people learn what was freely given to you……you’ve placed yourself in the top 2% ……and become a lamp for others.

Yesterday I got 3…..not 1 …..or 2…….but 3 of the stupidest emails I have ever read……I cannot believe people that think this crap up actually sleep at night with any peace of mind at all…….you can check out my spin on them here.

Anyway……the question is not what successful human beings and successful people like the Doug’s or Rob’s teach….but how they got there.


Ah, the game changer for me years ago…….

The dot……

The dash……

The dash………..deciding to make that dash on your tombstone explosive, memorable……is wrapped up in Og’s Scroll 5 and living each say as it it was your last.

The dot…..blocks the dash……

Thanks for all the direct emails and comments…….here’s another version and how to acceclerate the process of getting off the dot and living………truly living a dash…..second to none.

Do you see how this makes you a one-eyed king in the land of the blind?

Sure glad to be in this class with all of you.

Please, if you have not filled this out

Click here to take survey


mark januszewski

world’s lasziest networker

Week 16 Master Key System ~ Is Nature’s Greatest Miracle Really A Flasher?


So people hold it in their hands, the Key to the Kingdom, the map to wealth in all 13 areas of a person’s life…..and they just don’t follow the directions, not all of them anyway.


Why is it so hard to get it?

Is it a complex program for simple people?

Is it a simple program for complex people?

My experience has taught me those questions, no matter how they are framed, are all rooted in the same place……sloth.


The endless discussions to solve this ‘riddle’ is like the ‘old shell game’ …..you know…..which of the 3 cups is the ball under.


The bigger question is why do people spend more time distracting themselves than it would to do the work.



Philosophical differences with the material?

Spiritual difference with material?

And there we go again, distracting ourselves.


In the past week alone over a dozen folks have contacted us about the Master Key System course.

Interesting is 11 of them decided NOT to apply for a scholarship, they were going to do it on their own.

It did not work out but they did all discover wisdom in the Master Key and want help……the conversations and emails clearly indicated frustration at not being able to do what the members of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance have been able to do……stick with it.   Don’t think for a second the blogs are not making a huge impact.

On a huge number of people?

Not yet, but it’s growing.

That’s not as important as the depth of the impact…..on an individual.

They now know, on some level, the power of an authentic Master Mind Alliance.

And I wonder, really wonder…..if we appreciate how much we are doing for each other.

See, those looking in at what the members have helped co-create will never really get the speed of light is slow compared the the speed of thought.  And the cumlative effect of the child-like exercises, [not childish], took a jump to ‘warp speed’ this week.

Flashing is drives us to new heights in self esteem, [you really are Nature’s Greatest Miracle you know 🙂 ] and warp-factor-4 speed with the Law of Growth.



The compounding effect.

Flashing drives your DMP into the frontal lobe and connects achievements with shapes, math, color while disconnecting your sense of identity from associative memory ……..and simultaneously links all that DMP & PPN stuff, the new blueprint ….to your authentic self.

Want more speed with less effort?

While flashing, when you can, use the mind gym principle.

Now most of us would not know about this nor try these things if we did not know others, who continue to share from the heart, were doing it to.

It is the loving acts of kindness and courage that help us ‘do it’ ….Flash, read with excitement….


Greatest Miracle?


Bank it baby…..it’s true.


mark januszewski

world’s lasziest networker

Master Key Week 10 ~ Living Inside the Dream & Having Fun


Hey, let’s be honest.  The profession can be frustrating.

Prospects lie constantly.

New reps vanish.

Want to be leaders do every thing except prospect.

Prior to understanding the Master Key System…..

This was me…….

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!…..#&%^#% …….more Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

There is an old saying….that the squeaky wheel gets the grease…..

But…..there is a second part.

The squeaky wheel may get the grease but it does not enjoy the ride.

And, even when I started making big bucks, the pay-off for all the pain was not enough.


Tinkering with the 7 Laws of the mind made a profound difference and the Master Key + The Mental Diet made everything better…..

But…..it was living inside the dream, touching it all the time, that really made the journey a blast.

We were living in Kauai long before we got here, the new reality was not something in the future, it was now, today, this very moment.

We sleep on pillow cases with pictures of us in them, in Kauai.

We bought coffee in ebay from Kauai.

We put palm trees all over the house.

You name it, we did it….shower curtians with palm trees, cooking with coconut oil, listening to Hawaiian music……

But we did more….we found ways to actually ‘touch’ the new reality…..way before Kauai….way before my first visit to Kauai…..we found ways to ‘touch’ the new reality often…..and…..did it over and over.

This places on, while on the journey, inside the Law of Substitution…..and all that annoying stuff ……vaporizes……and the journey becomes a delight.

When the journey is a delight, the pay-off is greater than we can imagine. When the journey is grrrrrrrrrr, the pay-off is never enough.

Enjoying the journey for me is more than just using my imagination…..it is about physically touching the new reality.

Here’s an example of what I do now to touch the new reality and a couple of examples of what I did way back in 1993.

Did I mention all MKMMAer’s are in this video?


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Master Key Week 8 ~ It’s In You, Let It Loose


OK,OK….. I get that you may think my idea about using the River of Dreams and some of the verses symbolically is a little much…..or overused ……or that I have an obsession with Billy Joel’s tune……but, I don’t.

As I started working the Master Key System……by myself…..and getting my mind bent, or bent back……I got a little freaked out and The River of Dreams was, a particular line, the tipping point.


The best way to tell the story is to turn the clock back.  Failing in networking for the 6th time, [I’d failed 5 times in the 80’s and it was 1993 before I took another shot], when, at 3:00 AM I reached for “Think and Grow Rich.”  Eventually, learning this is a skill based business and applying the principles to my networking business under the “Think and Grow Rich” umbrella…..led to some successes and I got the idea to learn more about Hill, its author.   That research about Hill led me to Haanel’s Master Key System.   That was in 1993, early 1994…….

Billy Joel’s Grammy Award winning River of Dreams broke in 1993.



So, like a lot of folks, I feel like I am having a breakdown.  It was not until years later that “What the Bleep Do We Know?” was released and Haanel’s ideas became scientifically documented…..I future students could be informed that they were not going through a ‘breakdown’ but rather a breakthrough…..that is breaking their cells addiction, a chemical addiction to peptides.

So I am reading the Master Key and doing my 15-30 minutes of sitting still and unknowingly breaking a chemical addiction …..and knowing in my heart, really knowing, this the material was dead-center prefect…..but it was not working for me.  Maybe it was, which is why Master-minding is so crucial…..but I knew something was amiss.

I remember this so vividly.  I am driving down Route 1 to Boston and thinking about what I am hanging on to so tightly that I cannot create the changes needed to manifest the life I wanted.

BANG…..Billy’s singing River of Dreams and I hear it.

“I must be lookin’ for somthin’

taken out of my soul

somthin’ I’d never lose

somethin’ somebody stole’

Tears running down my face…..the socio-educational-govermental-parental influences had not only set absurd standards, made me self conscious…..and influenced me so much without my knowledge that I realized the truth of my being had been stolen.

The insane standards that advertisers, entertainment and the other previously mentioned influences had created impossible standards for things like beauty, normal, lifestyle etc……and my reality was drawn from that …and worse…..’how to act’…….geez…..

I pulled out my DMP and read it with all my heart…..at the top of my lungs.  I was no longer doing ‘exercises’ I creating a new life.  Now.

I was elated all day…..a feeling I have never had before and one that has never, 16+ years later diminished.

I realized I had been keeping a lot of what I was doing cloaked.


I moved the dreamboard into the living room and made another one for my makeshift office.  A few days later I made a third one….to replace the one I had taken out of the office.

I really did not care what other’s feelings were about stuff I had around my house.  I began reading my short version of my DMP while standing in line for coffee or checking out at the grocery store.

I was not acting, being brave or behaving in a ‘fake-it-till-you-make-it’ manner.

Excited about what I knew was going to happen with my mind and my outer world…..I let it all hang out.

What did I ‘let all hang out?’

The joyful spirit I came to this world with……childlike enthusiasim……and I totally abandon the insipid idea that maturity meant, in essence, giving up that glorious spirit….to ‘fit in.’

We are taught to ‘conform’ ……to ‘grow up’…..to ‘get realistic’……..what a crock of bullshit.

Shortly after this breakthrough……I came across this little ditty…

“Sing like no one is listening…….dance like no one is watching…..and love like you’ve never been hurt”

This amazing optimist, excited optimist, lives within all of us…….and deals with adversity knowing that the seed for equal or greater value lies within the adversity…..

So…..let it out baby, let it out……we don’t have to go get it, we can’t buy it and even though it was stolen, anyone of us can reclaim it instantly…….

Throw your heart into it baby……as Jimminy Cricket sang…..”if your heart is in your dream……no request is too extreme”

And when you go to the guy or the gal in the glass…..do what this kid does……You should be excited to see yourself !

It is already in you…..let it loose


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Week 4: Thoughts That Fire Together Wire Together, Here’s an Edge


There is a time when each member starts to understand the confluence of the exercises has one primary purpose: to get their thoughts firing together around a new idea.

For each of us, well for most people, there comes an ‘Ah-Ha’ moment.  The day, time and place is different for all of us…..hey, we’re all a little different.

The urging, [OK,OK…the bullying], to get ‘feelings’ attached to the thoughts that will create a new blueprint, a.k.a. neuro-net has been a major focus for a reason.

From the clips in the previous blog-post we know that thoughts firing connect or wire together creating a ‘feeling’ and that ‘feeling’ releases peptides…..dfferent than have been released in the past.

The ‘Ah-Ha’ moment for some has come already…..that there really is a method behind the madness.


By mastering things we know we can control…..like reading an index card with some very simple and doable things on it …..and establishing the habit of

1]a thought

2]writing it down

3]reading it

4]promising to do it and

5] doing it …..we are following Hanee’sl sage advice…..and over the next few weeks we’ll simply up the ante once the habit is established and a feeling of accomplishment is linked to it.

But….it’s more…..as this ‘habit’ …. “thought-write-say-do” ……replaces the ‘habit’ of proscrastination……and this ‘habit replacing a habit’ links to Scroll 1…..

But…..it’s more…..as this simple chore is linked back to our DMPs…..

The linking thread is one of the 7 Adult learning patterns ~ Spatially…..

By noticing a particular color and/or shape all week…..it should link us back to the index card….a specific task on the card…..which WIRES to the PPNs….

Noticing how these things are linking……….and how ‘cunningly’ we put these things together is fun, we hope you enjoy it…..but….the ‘Ah-Ha’ comes when we discover we really are firing new thoughts together with a purpose …..and wiring them is going to be taken care of by the subconscious.


Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing how to integrate the service index card, your PPNs and your Plan of Action with the 7 adult learning patterns so there will be a constant bombardment, effortlessly and unconsciously, of new, vitalizing thoughts about our new reality…..the manifestation of your DMP.

The idea of starting with shapes and colors, spatially, is something anyone can control….we’ll up the ante soon.


By linking together colors and shapes with particular things within my DMP….it will intensify the connection of the new thoughts and make the connections of thoughts I want firing and wiring together stronger faster…….

Here is an example.


Mark Januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

Master Key Mastermind Alliance

Master Key Week 4: I Gotta change for things to change….but…..Is Change Possible? Master Keys, Week 4


Everyone still in the course by week 3 claims to LOVE the MKMMA course……love, love …..love it!

emails…..calls……handwritten notes……

This week, Webcast 4……everyone quit.

Well, not everyone…..but most everyone quit.

How is that possible?  How could they LOVE it and then quit?


Well, there are really 2 types of folks who quit.

One type that quit just figures this stuff is too far out there…….like, it’s too bizarre.  I understand how they feel.

Freaked me out too.   Was I really and truly the creator of my own reality and had I really developed a chemical dependency in my cells ……and was I doing things subconsciously to create situations to re-confirm my identity?  That same identity in fact that I said I wanted to change so badly that I joined an MLM again when I swore I would not?

YIKES…..much easier for some of us to classify this as to freaky and walk away…..I get that.

The second group of people who quit …..quit in a different way.  They quit doing this course 80% of the way.

They get from these 2 videos below and the classes that anything less than what Wooden and other AUTHENTIC achievers preach……100% …..100% of the time is the pathway to change.


Reading the Greatest Salesman 1 or 2 times…..they quit that and do it 3x a day.

The read out lound……LOUDLY…..things like the Blueprint Builder….with VIGOR and VITALITY.

They do the chore index card…..exactly they way it is laid out…..they quit doing it once in a while and read it with the same excitement as if they hit a lottery…..

They quit judging whether or not they need to do this part…..or that part……

The quit 2 things really…….

  1. Quit the debating team about each exercise we ask them to do and simply do it 100%
  2. Quit doing the exercises half-heartedly and self-consciously.

As they say in Texas Hold’em……this group of quitters move ALL IN.


Is it possible?



You bet.



Feel hard?



We crave identity….a sense of  “I”…….who am “I”?

Our cells want their fix…..cells want those peptides, [self pity, victim, anger, fear, resentment, poor me, things like this never work for me, failing, etc.]  that they are used to.

By having and holding a vision for a different reality for ourselves we can create a new blueprint.

But……always a but right?

But the average person like myself is usually not able to hold a thought for more than 6 to 10 seconds.

That is the work part and we have a bunch of really cool ways to constantly feed your new Definiteness of Purpose into our minds all day long with little or no effort.


For all you quitters who’ve decided to move “All In” …..fasten your seat belt, we are in for the ride of a life time…..and a few little tricks to get the that attention on your intention expanded.




mark j

world’s laziest networker