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Beth Kennedy Beth Kennedy The MKMMA ‘experience’ is having a positive effect on Beth…
Beth says, “”Losing Control” – actually that’s my term for “letting go” of my constant need to control everything, instead substituting my faith that the best will happen without my chaotic misguiding hand. During some medical testing that could have brought bad news, I was relaxed and confident, as I manifested “good news”, and that’s what happened. ”

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Brad Holliday Brad Holliday Brad says, “This was the crowning experience of my 2 decade search of rediscovering my authentic self. You were the ones that helped me link it all together!”

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Larry Carr Larry Carr Larry says, “The MKMMA experience has provided guidance, inspiration, and support along my journey of self-discovery. My thinking has been stretched, expanded into a dimension that I was only vaguely aware even existed. It has affected fundamental changes within me, my relationships and my business. The horizon of “Possibilities” has expanded significantly, and I expect will continue to expand.”

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Luc & Francoise Griffet Luc & Francoise Griffet The MKMMA ‘experience’ is having a positive effect on Luc & Francoise…
Luc says, “The mental diet helps me to clean, clean, clean inside myself, including under the carpets… I thought I had difficulties to receive, until I realized how gifted I have been so far by life (my living environment, spouse, family, friends, partners,…Wow!)”

To Find out more about Luc & Francoise please visit their blog Luc & Francoise’s Blog

Jason Parachnowitsch Jason Parachnowitsch Jason says, “The Master Key Experience has provided focus, concentration, procrastination … despite having moderate success things areas always plagued me. I now know WHY … And more importantly have a solid road map to overcoming them. Without The Master keys I never would have given myself permission to even dwell on my true Bliss, let alone have it now become the driving force in my life.”

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John Kennedy John Kennedy John says, “The MKMMA Experience helped me to learn things that I already knew but that I didn’t realize I knew or had inside me. It was truly the Key that unlocked the knowledge that was stored within. If you haven’t yet taken this Master Keys Mastermind Alliance “experience”….and you have the opportunity to do so in the coming months….I urge you to make every effort possible and treat yourself AND your family to the most rewarding 6 months of your life.”

To Find out more about John please visit his blog John’s Blog

Cassandra O'Neal Cassandra O’Neal Cassandra says, ” I am HAPPIER. How do you put a value on Happiness? There is much more that has happened. As a result of this course, I am ready and willing to step into my greatness. [goose bumps as I write this]… There IS hope for humanity as long as men and women are willing to embark upon their own hero’s journey, and the guides and mentors appear for them along their paths. I put this in my Press Release and in my DMP. “The freedom and liberty our descendants enjoy is the result of men and women today having the courage to embark upon their own hero’s journey, the gateway to which I delight in providing.” I anticipate with great joy the second half of my life.”

To Find out more about Cassandra please visit her blog Cassandra’s Blog

Rui Silva Rui Silva The MKMMA ‘experience’ is having a positive effect on Rui…
Rui says, “Amazing things are happening! More in terms of personality. I feel different more confident. I do things now instead leaving them for later. For me was the change I need. Everything in my life seems to work better now. I start to make money with Internet Marketing, Some goals I had are now manifesting (new car, going to Havaii)”

To Find out more about Rui please visit his blog Rui’s Blog

Lydia Johnson Lydia Johnson The MKMMA ‘experience’ is having a positive effect on Lydia…
Lydia says, “I have had out of the blue new biz opps, totally unexpected $ in a cheque, noticable small changes like more relaxed, more patient (more room for changes yet though!), appreciating the little things more; more faith in what’s to come; increased clarity; overall more peace, belief, faith and excitement.”

To Find out more about Lydia please visit her blog Lydia’s Blog

Sandra OwenSandra Owen Sandra says, “MKMMA is an amazing experience that has given me the confidence and self belief to pursue my Dharma. The Master Key Course has had a profound effect on me and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. Since the course began I have learnt to join webinar trainings (something I had never done before), to create a blog (which I have really enjoyed despite initial fears), use tweet deck, have Google hangouts with my Mastermind Group, make new friends from all over the world, believe in myself, have the confidence to act on my intuition and understand how my brain and the Universe works. I don’t have sufficient words to praise Mark J, Davene and Trish enough for the wonderful teaching, course materials and content, the encouragement and absolute transparent honesty with which they conduct themselves. I have the highest respect for this life changing course. Everyone who has completed the course has been affected in so many positive ways that will have far reaching consequences for themselves and the many thousands of people they in turn go on to help.”

To Find out more about Sandra please visit her blog Sandra’s Blog

Carolyn HuffCarolyn Huff The MKMMA ‘experience’ is having a positive effect on Carolynn…
Carolyn says, “I’ve been giving giving giving and have more money at the end of the month than I ever had before. I am present… noticing my thoughts and my feelings. Everything is coming together easily.”

To Find out more about Carolyn please visit her blog Carolyn’s Blog

Carolynn  Walter SokilCarolynn & Walter Sokil The MKMMA ‘experience’ is having a positive effect on both Carolynn & Walter…Carolynn says, “I found me again. I am happier more often and more consistently. The affirmation “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!” has done so much for me. One thing: it inspired me to write poetryfor the first time in 30 years!”Walter says, “I feel like I have done the impossible… added time to my day! There are so many aspects of my life that are affected now. I feel that I have wiped away decades of soot and dirt from my mind and now I can see where I am going and how I must be tied to nature and the Universe to get there.”

To Find out more about Carolynn & Walter please visit their blog Carolynn & Walter’s Blog

Paul KoonerPaul Kooner The MKMMA ‘experience’ is having a positive effect on Paul…
Paul says, “Far exceeded my expectations!!! I do not recognize the person in front of the mirror anymore, as I have changing every week since we started back in September. BAMM!! I have had some wonderful things happen… I am more decisive.”

To Find out more about Paul please visit his blog Paul’s Blog

Berta Peterson Berta Peterson Berta says, “Feeling more peaceful knowing I am a miracle. Stepping into my power in a way that feels genuine. Give more, get more! Enjoy the journey is my new mantra. The blogging really stretched my comfort zone but made me delve deeper into the lessons. “What would the person I intend to become do next?” is very powerful & helps me move forward.”

To Find out more about Berta please visit her blog Berta’s Blog

Bob Paterson Bob Paterson Paul says, “The MKMMA Experience is truly life altering. I now have an understanding of myself, and others, that I did not have before. When I began this course, I was a procrastinator, unorganized person without a clear purpose or any “real” direction. My actions were merely “reactions” to whatever was thrown my way. As I progressed through this experience, I have discovered gifts and talents that I never knew I had. Procrastination has been replaced with action. I have developed new “habits” that will now be with me for life. This has truly been life altering, not only do I see and feel it, the people around me have told me they can see a dramatic improvement in me. There is no longer fear or worry , they are gone. In its place is calmness, confidence, and understanding . It’s that I just “know” Grateful for this experience of the MKMMA.”

To Find out more about Bob please visit his blog Bob’s Blog

Carol MarsocciCarol Marsocci Carol says, “The Master Key Experience has taught me how to be more self directed in my thinking. I observe and take notice of my actions and how they affect others. I have created some great habits of feeding my mind with good thoughts. The positive thoughts created positive situations in our life.”

To Find out more about Carol please visit her blog Carol’s Blog

Dan & Jeanna SwiatkowskiDan & Jeanna Swiatkowski The MKMMA ‘experience’ is having a positive effect on Dan & Jeanna…
Jeanna says, “I now know that my future is in my hands. No more red pencil syndrome. I am able 2 relate my future to my Personal Pivotal Needs and to the colors and shapes that I put around the house and in my life. When I first started this course I was looking for answers on how to grow my business. What I found was how to grow myself.”

To Find out more about Dan & Jeanna please visit their blog Dan & Jeanna ‘s Blog

Dayna GrantDayna Grant Dayna says, “Calling the master key mastermind alliance course life changing feels like an understatement. I am a drastically different person from 6 months ago. Knowing what I know and how to really change the world around me into what I truly want is the most uplifting and mind blowing thing. I am a happier person with a better life. I can’t wait to help other people realize what life can really be like.

To Find out more about Dayna please visit her blog Dayna’s Blog

Derek AtchleyDerek Atchley Derek says, “There is little doubt that the Master Key Master Mind Experience has opened doors in my life and shown me how to be the creator of my destiny.”

To Find out more about Derek please visit his blog Derek’s Blog

Justin LeaderJustin Leader The MKMMA ‘experience’ is having a positive effect on Justin…
Justin says, “I appreciate the dedication and habits that I have been able to form around these exercises. I am organized, I am in tune to being just as I am by being one with my surroundings, emotions and thoughts. Through love, I am the observer of everything and in control of my destiny to become what I will to be.”

To Find out more about Justin please visit his blog Justin’s Blog

Marea AdejuwonMarea Adejuwon Marea says, “Somewhere along the way in my life, I forgot what mattered. What’s important? Family, love, friendships, dreams, goals, a full sense of self and achievement of what truly matters. My life is rosier. My heart soars higher. My actions speak for themselves. I feel great. Best of all, I know the habits instilled through repetition continue long past the last webinar. The vitality of life is renewed, and the future is fabulous. Through the Master Key Experience, I am reminded that all things are possible, not impossible. I’M POSSIBLE, and so are you.”

To Find out more about Marea please visit her blog Marea’s Blog

Marie GlennonMarie Glennon The MKMMA ‘experience’ is having a positive effect on Marie…
Marie says, “The Master Key experience is truly life changing, however, you have to take on the journey with an open mind and a willingness to absorb all the nuggets it provides. It’s a life changer for sure. The progression you have built into this course brilliant. I’m so glad I stayed the course and I can’t imagine life without Og and Haanel and the MKMMA website with tons of information and the alliances to interact with our fellow students.”

To Find out more about Marie please visit her blog Marie’s Blog


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13 thoughts on “Certified Guides

  1. Thank you for sharing everyone’s blogs. Such an inspiring resource.
    The Master Key Experience is a truly wonderful opportunity for everyone to focus on who they are and what they want from their own life with the guidance of world class teachers who understand from personal experience what it means to change your life, guided exercises and group support from new friends from all over the world. You can not teach what you do not know, and Mark and The Fabulous Davene KNOW!

  2. Absolutely out of this world exciting! The creative minds I am among is inspiring. I look forward to working with every one of you and getting to know you all. We’re going to rock whatever we set our minds to! Sending blessings of abundance!

  3. The Master Key Mastermind Adventure powerfully transforms lives. It’s the journey of a lifetime, and the springboard to ‘lifetimes’ that currently exist only in your imagination. The stories of the people on this page joyfully demonstrate this truth. What a great gift to give, and to receive! I am SO Happy to be an integral part of those who are handing this gift to others!WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!

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