Master Key Week 10 ~ Living Inside the Dream & Having Fun


Hey, let’s be honest.  The profession can be frustrating.

Prospects lie constantly.

New reps vanish.

Want to be leaders do every thing except prospect.

Prior to understanding the Master Key System…..

This was me…….

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!…..#&%^#% …….more Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

There is an old saying….that the squeaky wheel gets the grease…..

But…..there is a second part.

The squeaky wheel may get the grease but it does not enjoy the ride.

And, even when I started making big bucks, the pay-off for all the pain was not enough.


Tinkering with the 7 Laws of the mind made a profound difference and the Master Key + The Mental Diet made everything better…..

But… was living inside the dream, touching it all the time, that really made the journey a blast.

We were living in Kauai long before we got here, the new reality was not something in the future, it was now, today, this very moment.

We sleep on pillow cases with pictures of us in them, in Kauai.

We bought coffee in ebay from Kauai.

We put palm trees all over the house.

You name it, we did it….shower curtians with palm trees, cooking with coconut oil, listening to Hawaiian music……

But we did more….we found ways to actually ‘touch’ the new reality…..way before Kauai….way before my first visit to Kauai…..we found ways to ‘touch’ the new reality often…..and…..did it over and over.

This places on, while on the journey, inside the Law of Substitution…..and all that annoying stuff ……vaporizes……and the journey becomes a delight.

When the journey is a delight, the pay-off is greater than we can imagine. When the journey is grrrrrrrrrr, the pay-off is never enough.

Enjoying the journey for me is more than just using my imagination… is about physically touching the new reality.

Here’s an example of what I do now to touch the new reality and a couple of examples of what I did way back in 1993.

Did I mention all MKMMAer’s are in this video?


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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16 thoughts on “Master Key Week 10 ~ Living Inside the Dream & Having Fun

  1. Thank you for this exciting video and preview of our visit to your island. I’m going to use my screen share and take from this video to put myself there.

    Awesome. I love it. See you soon.
    Hey, can we have a formal dance so I can wear my beautiful gown?

    Agape’ Darlene

  2. Fabulous guys! Fred and I did the same thing when we wanted to move aboard a boat. We went to be each night listening to a recording of water splashing against the hull of a sail boat. Bought Sea Shantie songs etc. and HERE WE ARE! (We had no name or idea of what we were doing then, but it did work!) Many miles, memories and time enjoyed Now we want to reverse the process and get back to or ranch “Higher Ground! However, we’ve seen and done things very few others have. We don’t have to look back and say “I Wish”.

  3. Mark and Davene that was a wonderful you tobe video. I love the ocean and I enjoyed Kauai a lot when we were there in Jan 94. We must of been on the rainey side as we got 13 inches of rain in about 1 hour. Lights out and late to the air port. We are looking forward to enjoying the time with both of you in 2011.

  4. Davene, you just crack me up!! 😀 Funny, this past weekend we went to test drive vans and on Sunday we are going to look at land to build our dream house on!! Wahooo!! How cool is that!? Going to Harley next week to look at the Harley Road King that we will be winning in March. I am so there with you guys. Breakfast anyone? I can’t wait, my Fro is already blowing in the Hawaii wind!! Mark make sure you spell my name right when you are writing out my check.

  5. Mark & Davene,

    Thank you for the connection,

    Back in May & June 2010, I understood you say, “to touch your future reality now, will fast forward your DMP.” So, right before the start of the MKMMA, I took my family to the surrounding area of Durango, Colorado to see life, breath the fresh air, and feel the ground beneath our feet. We now have placed items all around the house to help keep the focus and bring about our move to Durango.


  6. Thanking you for another great video! Showing us where we’re having breakfast, I can see it and being a part of it! Time to test drive my new vehicle and put myself into my DMP now! Exciting!

  7. Hi Mark & Davene,
    I can feel the breeze of the ocean on my face and taste of salt. Hummmmmmm!!
    Anyhow, thank you again. Great info. Now I know the next steep to do with our ‘Dream Boards’. Also, the short video attached with Former Prez. Bill Clinton was a good plug for MLM. Thanks. Be Blessed. Bill W.

  8. Not only is Oppi going to love it… So are TheHubby and I. Right now we are putting one of our DMPs goals into reality. We are over in Mianz, Germany visiting our son, ArmyGuy. December here is wonderful. The traditional Christmas Marketing is amazing. The smells, the sounds, the lights, the joy in the people, and vibe is inspirational.

  9. Mark and Davene, It seems my wife Michelle has had it right all along. She keeps saying “let’s go look at some houses” and I kept telling her “we have to sell this one first, so what’s the point” This fork in the road is the best thing for me to change the way we think about our future.


  10. Mark and Davene, that was a wonderful portrayal of living your new reality. I have a friend who is a real estate agent and made an appointment with her to show me properties so that I may move forward with the construction of my new home. I only have the foyer, kitchen, living room and one bedroom and the master bedroom done. Goal is to finish the rest by the end of this week.

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