Master Key System Week 18; Breaking or Breaking Point?


We were swamped this week.

Gotta love the effects of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance and the internal leadership itdevelops



More calls.

Long discussions.

The Fabulous Davene and I needed a couple days to figure this out, over expresso, of course.

Again, you are not going crazy.  It only feels that way.


Our big thing was trying to figure out why it was so intensified this week……the heart to hearts… questioning the material…….feeling great and awful……knowing how powerful we are yet bummed about personal performance.

Why so much this week?

Thank goodness the bride is ‘feelings’ driven .  She got me to understand people were ‘feeling’ things, stuff……..big stuff in some cases.  Actually, most cases

Most of the time this kind of stuff would come up sometime between weeks 7 to 11……

Why is it so much later?

Cute aside:  We thought we were just doing a better job, [ego?]…when these ‘feelings’…rough spots…and questioning of the course and or us began to surface so much later.

Then, bang!  Lot’s of folks calling and asking for help, venting, questioning Haanelb, us and the teaching methods.

We’ve figured it out.

Most of the members we’ve had in the past had a some type of relationship with us …….and the trust level coming in was higher……..since they trusted early or right off the bat…….they committed faster……and came face to face with the hero’s journey sooner.

That scary and awesome fork in the road, your road.  And, of course, refusal of the call.


Go for what?

In week 22 we hope you’ll learn something about miracles that will blow your socks off…….but you can’t get it if you are not moving past the known to the unknown, the self discovery works correctly, not backwards.

What does that mean?

It means that you don’t get the power over self, the gift of mastery over the fact you’re nature’s greatest miracle and ……THEN …….take the hero’s journey…… means you take the journey, you decide to take the hero’s journey by taking it……and……as you go through these trials and tests……power over self, over your thoughts, courage…….mastery over your old blueprint and the ability to create and KEEP a new one happens.  Not before the “stepping into the unknown” but after.   Power over your thoughts, learning to harness the power and the courage to dare takes place AFTER, not before.  After.

The Fabulous Davene spoke of Atonement …….and you can see it here………but she also changed the word, without changing the letters…….to


Pretty cool, eh?

This At-one-ment…… this context……brings you back to the known as this powerful, inspiring, amazing force…..


See, realizing we are all connected and all that great stuff is the material and we can get it on an ‘intellectual level’ but ……as Davene like to say [yeah, she’s quoting], “Knowledge does not apply itself.”

And that means?

We’ve got to change our minds.  We have to acknowledge to ourselves that all resistence, all of it, as in 100% of it for what it really is.   Refusal of the call to your greatness.  Debating Haanel, looking for exceptions, intellectual gymnastics are all refusal of the call.  It’s normal but for each of us we will “act out” in different ways.  No matter.  Denying our greatness is denying our greatness, denying the field of infinite possibilities, pure potentiality and, really…it is arguing against the truth of being that a carpenter, the Buddha and all the other illuminated ones are arguing for.  We’ve got to change our minds and see it for what it really is…these intense feelings, intellecual arguements, sense of being lost or nit-picking over the time it takes to do the work or refusing to do the work…no matter.  All the same thing.

What is really interesting about changing your mind, my mind…….is that it takes one-one-billionth of a volt.

That is it!

The ‘stuff’ folks are going through is the breaking point for most people……it’s that point when the choice is clear; there is no longer anyplace to hide……and we either run back to the known and betrate ourselves, the class or the material or we plunge ahead into the true Hero’s Journey.   You are great, have unlimited power within yourself when it’s applied for the greater good and service… you really are nature’s greatest miracle.  Refusal of the call is denying the truth of being, denying you are unique and denying your purpose and yourself the 13 riches of life.

But as Huxley said, ‘the truth does not cease to be the truth just because I deny it.’

You are nature’s greatest miracle…..and you are a hero…… it or not

You just have to change your mind……a tiny bit.

I want you to understand the power of this so here is a little clip from the core of week 22

I suggest watching it twice, it’s short.

It is about the pay-off and about hitting a moment of perfection……and unleashing the power……….

Here is a taste of something 95% or more will never ‘get’ and you do…..

Here is what is going to happen……..on the hero’s journey

You are nature’s greatest miracle, powerful beyond measure. That marvelous self will never be found within until we let go of the past and step into the unknown.  Go for it.


mark jaunszewski



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7 thoughts on “Master Key System Week 18; Breaking or Breaking Point?

  1. Holy cannoli! You nailed it and the video – BAM – watched twice because it is amazing … knowledge to see and understand what you had no reference point for before. The thoughts they are a changin’. Much love 🙂

  2. The At-One-Ment is thought provoking. The video cuts thru the fog to thinking outside the “box”. And the “raising consciousness above the horizon” imagery is one to remember. Timely message, Mark. Thank you!

  3. It’s amazing. I was feeling pretty proud of my “faithfulness” a few weeks ago in the survey when I said I never missed my three reads of the GS, even though I might do the second read later (after the midday meal). Then this last week I had to keep reminding myself that “a few minutes is a small price.” Thanks for sharing your encouragement.

  4. Thanks mark, yes have been at the crossroad too long, refusal of the call; seemed to be going backwards, time to step out of the comfort zone, time to take action!

  5. Thank you Mark for sharing your thoughts and insights. Much appreciate it and always love reading your posts. Awesome to know that even the smallest changes within can have huge effects on the our world without. Love and gratitude.

  6. Shame on the teacher for saying the student was poor, and not thinking the teaching was poor and the student was fine.

    If the student didn’t learn no teaching occurred. That is your challenge and responsibility.

    Where have you made changes in mid-program that demanded more time than people were originally asked to commit to?

    This could mean the drop-outs were not accepting your demands for more time. What parts of their life must suffer as they rip time away from them for this program? What consequences do they pay in their life to play along with your inability to deliver your work on time? What promises do they have to break around their time so they can gift you?

    Specifically when asked to set 1.5 – 2 hours of time aside, and things would consistently run over, you were not keeping your word and did not take responsibility for it. This is a stealing of time without permission and reflects poorly on event managers. In other words, what we signed up for is not what you are delivering because you did not keep your word in matters of time. You have been demonstrating “out of integrity” for several months and not taking responsibility for this but expecting forgiveness for breaking your promises to us. When people don’t do what they say they are either incompetent or insincere. Why should students stick to the promise they made to you about their program participation?

    All-in-all the overall competence and integrity of the leaders is called to question in a program where unconditional trust is required. You have repeatedly not been able to deliver what you promised on time , eroding whatever trust was offered in the beginning. In all fairness, I am 100% responsible for getting whatever value I can from your program. That’s why I am still in it.

    On a personal transformation journey, questioning the leaders and guides cannot occur if program success is the expectation.

    It’s a sleazy way out for a participant if they can justifiably challenge the trust levels of the program guides and the leaders.

    You are responsible for the quality and success of your program delivery. Curious how you are not taking responsibility for what is happening and pointing to qualities in the new group of participants. There is nothing you can do about the quality of participants. You can only change your own performance. As you roll out you are going to get people who know and trust you less and you will get less trust granted in the beginning – you will have to earn it. All you’ve done now is lose the little trust that was offered up unconditionally because of your lack of integrity. It’s not because we are strangers and not part of your inner circle.

    I went into this expecting to commit 15 hours a week and it has taken me 24+ hours a week to hang in and I am not doing things up to the standard that I want. I am being encouraged to stay the course. I am told I will suffer more, personally, by quitting a transformational program mid-course than by finishing a half-assed delivery of a potentially good program.

    And that’s my two cents worth…

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