Master Key Mastermind Alliance Week 16 – Guest Blogger Joe Couto

I’m beginning to see clearly now. Happiness and harmony are states of consciousness, and are independent of material possessions. Clarity brings insight, allowing us to see and prepare for opportunities and obstacles. Clarity leads to constructive harmonious thought, and can only be developed in silence through concentration. If we control our thoughts, we control our circumstances, conditions, environment, and destiny.

No longer is my fate left to chance. I concentrate on creating thoughts charged with feelings and infused with vitality. I take control of my thinking, and design the causes that produce the desirable effects I seek. Thoughts combined with feelings form the correct mental attitude, the path to abundance.

I can’t imagine a life without feelings. To never feel the warmth of the sun on my face, or the feeling of joy I get when music enters my ears and courses through my body. To be denied the feeling of wonder I see in nature every day, how the scent of a rose rekindles affections of past loves, the taste of fine cooking transporting me to another time and place. That’s not for me.

I’ve got a feeling.

What a feeling.

It’s more than a feeling.

I’m feeling good.

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