Master Key Experience Week 21; a little fun


Always a time to be concerned, break weeks.


Just being a worrier, nothing more and nothing less.

Why worry?   Why do we worry about groups of people…worry about individuals is very easy to understand.   The personal relationship we have with a friend, our kids or spouses make “worrying” easy to understand…but groups?

I spend a lot of time thinking about this.  Then I stopped.

People outside the MasterKeyExperience would never understand this…well, a few would I guess.  It’s “the force” … we felt “force” in the kindness week and now with the comfort zone tools ending… and the commenting and sharing about it in the Alliance section we have set up for contributions, ideas and encouragement brought it to a deeper level.   Instead of just “identifying” we were trying to solve a conceptual puzzle that will benefit each of us.  And it ends as we go on break.

So why did I stop thinking about it?

A sit, of course, laid out the bridge to a different thought pattern.   I took it.

Keep giving was the new thought….and for goodness sake, make it fun…good grief you’ve been pushing this group so hard for months about purpose … no wonder you worry they’ll just pack it in.   In two words?  Lighten up.

So first prize in this fun little video goes to the members who get the question right.

The “question”?

It’s right here on the video…relax, have some fun.



Bigger lesson…you know me, always looking deeper.

While your Definite Major Purpose is the “intention” don’t forget to pay “attention” during the break week… to what?

To the moment.  You see “attention” is really what is going to manifest our “intention” so all the work on the DMP, the shapes, movie poster … all if it…is to create a demand in “sub” and “sub” will find the methods to meet the demand and manifest the DMP.

My assertion?  The real point of the video?

Not only is everything within you already to have the DMP begin to manifest, “subby” has already drawn to you the resources, people and pathways to manifest…pay attention this break and don’t miss the gorilla.


You see, no matter  how much the guides want to help, how much we worry and how hard we try, mind concept is internal.   The very best we can do is create a challenging yet encouraging environment.  It is why the March to 3000 members to create a massive force of self directed thinkers is really based on attraction, not promotion…

This is true because of qualia.

What’s that?

Ineresting and also the directions to the March for 3000.

It really means, drum roll.  Follow your bliss and live the life you love.

And, we’re back to the gorilla … how do any of us follow our bliss and live the life we love?

Be present, every damn moment.   Pay attention and know you’re surrounded by miracles, opportunies and wonder…and you are part of it and it is part of you….only….


Only if we are NOT in tomorrow….nor yesterday.

Pay attention, see the miracles, bask in the wonder and I promise, I won’t worry 🙂


mark januszewski

Mahalo sharing The Master Key Experience
Mahalo sharing The Master Key Experience
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