Master Key Week 3: Ever Wonder Why We Can’t Follow Clear Directions To Succeed?


The formula?


The following and execution?


What is the problem if it is simple, easy to follow and easy to execute?

Identity and addiction.

Huh?  Addiction?


Ok, so Harry decides, this time, he is really going to do it.

Do what?

Achieve beyond any level that he has in the past.  Let’s say Harry has joined a home-based business venture.  The theory, which is no theory at all, is Harry’s achievement level is determined not in his resolution but in a blueprint that has been established before Harry even signed up.

This blueprint is real.  Yeah, I kinda commandeered that word to express an idea that’s a little complicated scientifically but it’s not complicated in reality.

There’s an old saying that history repeats itself.  That’s not really true.  History doesn’t repeat itself, people do.

So Harry has established a pattern of how he is going to perform before he even enrolls in the new business and his resolution that “This time is going to be different” while heartfelt will default to Harry’s neuro-net.

What the hell is a neuro-net?

I guess now you know why I use the word blueprint.

A neuro-net is a series of thoughts and feelings that fire together every time something familiar comes across Harry’s plate.  It’s been scientifically proven that thoughts that fire together wire together.

When we say the blueprint is real it’s not an idea it’s a fact.  Harry will default to the blueprint as soon as situations with his new business look like situations with his previous failures.


The Master Key System teaches that thoughts, that is new thoughts, directed in a particular way, can create a new neuro-net and change can happen.

See, when Harry has a thought that is similar or parallel to previous experience his body fires peptides throughout his entire system.  These peptides are absorbed by every cell in the body.

UT-OH – Every single person and every single cell inside every single person is addicted to particular peptides.  They are addicts, our cells.

For Harry or me or you or anybody to actually effect change so that we don’t default to our blueprint we have to break the addiction to the peptides that we are currently releasing by creating different peptides.   We can only do this by having and holding continually a different thought in our mind and imagining over and over and over again how it would feel to obtain that new objective.

What does this mean?

It means that while we want to follow the directions until there is something bigger at stake, something we really, really need, something that is virtually oxygen for our soul we will default to the chemical dependency that has already been established between our cells and these peptides that are linked to feelings and thoughts.

Can it be done?


The writing of a definiteness of purpose that incorporates the oxygen for the soul needs that so many have denied ourselves for years written in a certain format and repeated daily out loud with enthusiasm is the beginning.  What actually happens is the imagined experience becomes real the feelings become real and new peptides are released.  What’s really cool is the damn cells don’t give a red rat’s rear-end what kind of peptides they are getting; they just want their peptides.


It’s pretty simple.  The habits of thought that the Harrys of the world have held for years need to be replaced by new habits, new thoughts.  This takes work.  So the answer to the question, “Why can’t we follow clear directions to success?” is really simple.  It requires dedication to a vision unseen, belief, encouragement and an association with other people we can identify with that are determined to do the same thing.


Mark J

The World’s Laziest Networker

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19 thoughts on “Master Key Week 3: Ever Wonder Why We Can’t Follow Clear Directions To Succeed?

  1. Mark,

    As always,my thanks for helping to keep us all on target…it’s easy to not stay focused…
    I keep working to stay attuned to my old habits so I can interrupt them as soon as I notice. I don’t notice them soon enough at times, but I’m working at it steadfastly and with as much unbridled enthusiasm as I can muster.

  2. Wow, I’ve been doing personal development (you know, reading, prayer etc) for over 10 years and what you say about “blueprint” I have never heard put that way before. I’m starting to see something that I’ve never realized before. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Nick…..BTW, great blog you are putting together

      We are just getting warmed up my friend……fasten your seat belt…..after week 4’s class……you mind will be BLOWN…..and you can put in a new blueprint [which we are working on week by week]

      mark j

  3. Wow, you look 10 years younger than last November in DC! PX-90 must be working for you or it’s just living your dream….I was never a huge science student, but I get what you’re saying about the peptides and addiction….our new blueprint has to be stronger, replace, and win out over the past thoughts, reactions and feelings we’ve had. I feel kind of silly saying it, and I won’t say I’m there yet, but there’s a little trickle of belief starting to form that I might actually achieve my DMP. I’m motivated to say it with more conviction tonight!

    1. Thanks for the kind words……P90x rocks……that is so nice of you to notice

      now maybe you can think back over all the blogs you’ve been so kind to read…….there is 1 word, on every blog…..everytime Lisa

      BELIEVE 🙂

      Believe it, you are paying the price!!

      We move from fearful souls to fearless souls when we do the work…and you are

      mark j

  4. Mark,

    I want more and deserve more, out of life than what my peptides are use to having. I see the alliance with the Master Keys Master Mind team as the architects called forth to help one another rewrite our new blueprint, together a new successful life is waiting for all you except the challenge.


  5. Hi Mark,
    It makes sense the way you explain it. So, that’s whats going on inside my head! Peptides??? Gotta check that out.
    I am determined.
    I Always Keep My Promises,
    Dan Myers Sr

  6. You have a way with words. Love it;
    Red rat’s rear-end

    So I’m getting it…. it’s all in my head. and the thoughts in my head can be trained to produce more positive results.

    Love what you share with us

  7. Wow…I am learning so much from you. The striking thing to me is that it all ‘feels right.’ Like each tidbit of information confirms, aligns with what has come before. Thanks for sharing this information, it joins nicely with the knowledge presented thus far! I’m pumped! BTW…I missed this in the webinar, can you tell me what shape my yellow pencil mark should be?

    Thanks again Mark!

  8. I love science! Can’t wait for the week 4 broadcast! I still recall my physics professor back in the late 70s saying “all matter is waves” (meaning energy) totally blew me away!

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