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Success Begins In The Mind, Change to Win


No, I’m not talking about this post.   I’m talking about the two “big” questions that most people go to great lenghts to avoid.   To avoid the two biggies, we fill our lives with distractions and devices.

1.  What is your purpose?

2. What do you want?

Purpose.   Big word.

Most people have a vague [big mistake I made for years] “goal” list.   If you look closely it is really a list of what we DO NOT WANT … not what we truly desire.

We WANT to get rid of our debt?

We WANT to get rid of the old car?

We WANT to make enough money on a business we started so we can walk from our job?

Debate is over, success begins within
Debate is over, success begins within

These are not wants!   These are really “don’t wants” … success can never be built on absence and several hundred people discovered true purpose in the 2014 Master Key Mastermind Alliance.

Getting rid of that old car, clearing out debt…hey, those are good things to “accomplish” but fall far, far short of real achievement.   I mean, really, do we want the legacy of our life to be….”Harry was a good guy, he paid off is credit card debt and got a nicer, newer car”?

There are the big questions in life and filling our lives with distractions, mini-dramas and pointless deadlines becomes a habit…it’s a bad habit.   Really bad habit because it becomes a way of life and, let’s be honest here…our lives are over in the blink of an eye.  I know first hand of what I write here…I had that habit.

Failure is not fatal, failue to change may be”  John Wooden

Change takes effort, consistent and challenging work.   Most people, and I’m like most people so I’m including myself here….most people do not have a clue about the world within and how to make changes within [I sure didn’t…hell, I did not know about the world within, not a clue].


Here is a BIG CLUE…especially for Americans.    You have been “exploited and spoiled” around speed and convience.   Change takes effort, hard mental labor.  The payoff is bigger than you could ever imagine…really huge.   Take some time and really see these completely different people, different backgrounds, different influences growing up…all succeeding in their lives with very little, if any, effort today.

Isn’t that a contradiction?   Hard work and effortless?

No.   It is very hard work [probably lost half the readers there 🙂 ] to break old habits and replace them with new ones…but once you “get” the Master Key Experience, each change you desire becomes easier and easier.   The fuel to drive the effort in the beginning comes from discovering your true purpose in your life and knowing what you really want…the two big questions answered lead to an endless supply of energy.

So take a moment and imagine…and take your time and read through the posts below….you’ll find 14,000 more posts if you get “hooked” on people just like you and I who had the courage to commit and finish….see, once you discover the world within like Lorelei, George and Stephen have…not only does your idea of success expand dramatically, it manifests faster than you expect….

So abandon the “instant gratification gene” and take a few minutes to just read about people like yourself who made a tiny shift..from thinking becoming successful was external and found the world within

Here’s George, Pheonix…owns a now successful traditional biz and now succeeding in a

George makes it happen
George makes it happen

home-based biz…with first child on the way

My Master Key Experience

“To help people help themselves be self directed, powerful hero’s in their own life that think for themselves without being influenced.”

I wanted to do better, in my business, in my life, in everywhere.  I met some Master Keys students and asked “what is it all about?” Their answers were unbelievable that the changes and the manifestations of their dreams were coming true, and so I took the Master Keys class.  It was all about the way we think and our daily habits.

Shortly after the class started I was finding myself thinking or at least speaking differently, more positively, better thoughts, it was a mental diet I started, and that changed a lot of attitudes not only my own, but the attitudes of others around me got better.

Then events I never imagined started to happen.  The Master Key class we had daily exercises and one day I was writing down a list of 3 people I needed to talk to, some I had not spoke to in over a year.  The next morning those 3 people contacted me within a 2 hour time period, I was amazed but not convinced you could think of something and it would happen.  But, there were more events, with other people, it just kept happening.  I was thinking “can this be for real?”  I started to believe!

I started to discover better traits in myself, my family, and in my business, everything just seemed better!  I AM LOVE!  The class allowed me to see life and the universe from an “observer” where I could see everything around me as it was created in love to continue to grow.  Think about it, plants grow, they drop seeds and continue to flourish.  The human cycle is the same.

Ever wonder how a dog knows if they should bark at someone or if they should wag their tail?  I learned about the human “Solar Plexus

I discovered so much the first class, and I am excited to discover even more this second time.  Class is a scholarship and you can get on the list for early notification, do it now because space is limited.

Peace and Love, George Pauli

Lorelei Sunshine is from New Zealand [I think I said Australia in video, whoops] who currently lives on Kauai, owns a successful biz here and is expanding her life and income

Lorelei Brightens Everything
Lorelei Brightens Everything

from home…

My Master Key Experience

 ‘Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions; strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts’

I start with this quote from Og Mandino, he is one of my teachers at this time…As I look around me and be the Silent Observer of all that is to do with people I notice how many are controlled by their thoughts, what this means is that people are REACTing to one another instead of REPONDing…Take a look for yourself…

Since leaving my Far North Sanctuary in Australia 8 years ago and moving to this My Summer Island Kauai I stayed within myself, even though when I first arrived I was being bombarded with un-welcome thoughts and actions from people I did not even know…I then began to notice these subtle changes…I was beginning to every now and again REACT to situations…

My WARRIOR Women within would BLAST out and




she would defend the Peaceful Warrior with everything she had…

This only happened when I found myself wandering from my spiritual of I AM…

looking down into Angel Cove

I had come from a place of Peace and Quiet contemplation, I had my own Healing Retreat right on the Beach Front in a place named by a Star-Born, with free weekly healing and meditation sessions, full moon meditations with toning out on the point, and daily, weekly OR monthly catered retreats of meditation and study in all modalities of healing.

To cut a LOOOOOng story Short I was having a hard time controlling my thoughts…

I put it OUT THERE to the Universe like I always do when I’m wanting assistance…

While being online, I clicked a link which took me to some video with this guy talking about the hero within, he mentioned Joseph Campbell (who’s book The Power of Myth is a stable on my bookshelf and has been since it was released in the early 90’s) so this got my attention, I LOVED this guys enthusiasm and JUST the REALness of him and he swore lots!

I played a series of three video’s…before I knew it I was tuning into these webinars and with everyone I watched the confirmation I was seeking was being spoken out of this guys mouth…I ended up applying for a FREE Scholarship to do a course called the MasterKeys, the guy’s name is Mark Januszwwski and with his wife Davene and a team of MasterMinds I began my Journey to REAWAKEN my Hero within…

The PRO’s…

1. IT’s a FREE Scholarship…

2. There is ONE on ONE HELP from trained and certified guides WHO GET IT! They get where you are, where you are coming from and where it is you want to go!

3. The Weekly Webinar and the Progressive Learning will take you to places EFFORTlessly before you know it you are manifesting YOUR Dreams!

OK so the thing is Mark J his Fabulous Wife Davene with their three beautiful girls Dayna, Chelsea,  Jackie and Granddaughter Soul LIVE here on OUR Summer Island of Kauai…This is Manifesting right here right now ON ISLAND!

So there has to be CON’s Right?

If you can find any PLEASE let me know…EVERYthing I was told was going to happen HAPPENED No Bull-Shite JUST the plain Truth

 After MAKING the DECISION to make the Master Key Experience part of my Life for 28 weeks+ The lessons that Re-Awakened memories, that put me back on track to being TRUE to ME and Listening, REALLY Listening to MY heart MY dreams…WELL lets say I AM Grateful TRUELY Grateful…Mahalo :)  I Encourage YOU ALL to dig deep within and MAKE the DECISION to CHANGE Your Life…

GO check out this Interview with my Mentor MarkJ Hosted by Richard Bliss Brook, then if this is something you would like to take a look at this Master Keys Course there will be FREE Scholarships Awarded in September OPT in HERE to receive EARLYBird notifications…

Dreams Do Come True…


This one if from Stephen Serna…retired from government job, now quickly building a very successful home-based business

My Master Key Experience 

Have you ever had one of those days when you have had to stop and ask yourself..

What am I doing???

What is life all about???

Why is everyday so difficult and boring???

Stephen found purpose and focus
Stephen found purpose and focus

Well that was me everyday, now don’t get me wrong, I was grateful for everything that I had, but it was not enough and I’m not talking about money or material things…there was something missing. A BIG SOMETHING!!!  I joined some of those self-help programs and I had a warm fuzzy feeling for a short time, but nothing changed, I was getting nowhere.  I was studying an exceptional business training program called Go90Grow and through that program I was introduced to The Master Key Experience.

This course promised that with a six month commitment on my part, that it would take me on a journey of Self-Discovery…Well not only did the program keep that promise but I was also taught how to keep all of my promises (a rarity these days).

This Course taught me that everything starts with your thoughts…So it all starts in the world within before it manifests in the world without.  I also learned that I am a miracle and once I realized that, I can now see and receive all of the miracles that surround me everyday.  This is just the tip of the iceberg and this has been a wonderful life changing experience for me.

In the past year I have left a very stressful and mind numbing job and I am now building my own business, helping others in the process, I am working on starting a worship band so as to bring Joy, Happiness, Hope, Love and Peace to others, I have learned the true meaning of kindness, I have discovered the gifts within me and I am sharing them with the world as well as the importance of keeping myself healthy (both in mind and body) and I have learned that it is OK to be a Self Directed Thinker, it is OK not to buy into everything that authority and society throws at you, I am breaking off all of that cement that society has plastered on me through the years…I am truly my own boss and for the first time I am a happy camper.

The reason that I am sharing this with you today is that I am spreading the word of this phenomenal experience so that you all can experience the joy and freedom that I have come to know.

If you would like to learn more, please listen to this recording, it is an interview with the great Mark J.  by the awesome Richard Bliss Brooke.

In any case, take the 7 day mental diet and get on the early notification list

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me, Have a great day….

I bid you Peace and Blessings,


Want more?   I’ve dropped several more links below of very cool peeps who are now succeeding …people who learned to think for themselves

to your success in the world within
mark januszewski
Master Key Experience #NothingLikeIt
Master Key Experience


Tammy Adams –

Shelby Nolan –
Richard Barton – Http://
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The Miracle You Are Makes You A Success Now


You are a miracle.   You were designed to bring that mircale into all you encounter and be great.   GREAT!  Deal with it and you win.   Deny it and life is a constant struggle.

Have you ever wondered why most people struggle with:

  • Relationships
  • Business
  • Health
  • Wealth

And, to make matters more frustrating we all know a few people who seem to get things done with a happy knack, don’t struggle even when it appears things aren’t going well, pay

Miracles Don't Struggle
Miracles Don’t Struggle

attention and have a humble confidence that it’s all going to work out…and it does.

Until I discovered that I was not only surrounded by miracles and that I was a miracle myself I must confess that everything was like pushing a ball up a hill with a rope.

Reading and applyiing the Master Key System, written in 1912, changed everything and turned me into “one of those annoying people” who gets things done with ease….but that isn’t the whole story.   It was understanding some basic, simple science that stunned me, broke me out of denial.   To this day I recall exactly where I was sitting and once the intial shock lifted, I read the science again.

Still stunned, I arose from my chair on the little back porch and went to the small reference library I had…to disprove what I had just read.  Didn’t have a computer then and my books just did not have the information I needed.   So I drove to the library.   And read.

Turns out that the science I had read on my back porch was not only true, it was just the tip of the iceberg…I had to face facts.   I was a miracle and surrounded by them…so are you



I said 99.5% a few times in the video.   My bad.   It is 99.95% nothing.   Nothing!

All those atoms are 99.95% nothing and only appear solid because of the incredible rate of speed the electrons are moving at…40,000 miles per second.   And that chair you are sitting in is moving at the same velocity.   Everything is moving, fast…to fast to really comprehend.

Members who commit to the work, and it is work, learn how to get in harmony with the beautifully orchestrated dance that moves at 40,000 miles per second.   Harmony is the key and the clues are, frankly, so obvious that once you “see it” like other members do, the palm will slap the head.   In my case, it was twice. 🙂

So the work part…this is about real work on yourself to drawn out this miracle of your

There is no debate, you are a miracle
There is no debate, you are a miracle

birth, of your existence, into everything.   And that improves everything.   What the members really discover, once they climb over the “cultural shock” of being back in a real school environment is how to access this incredible source driving everything and bringing the miracle they are to all situations.

Deal with it … we are arguing for your greatness and with the Master Key System, applied, you can learn to teach yourself how to create change…within yourself.   Once that happens building a big business, fostering intamcy on a deeper level in relationships, being healthier….all dreams, become virtually effortless to you.

Take some time, check out the guides’s blogs or the blog roll or both.   Go back to week one of one or two of the folks and follow them for 26 weeks.    I know that the time you invest there will be far more interesting and rewarding than anything else you can do online or with your cell phone or the TV.   Guaranteed.  Amazing stories, amazing successes.

Over 450 people posted over 12,000 blogs about the experience.   It will help you decide if you want to commit to six months of you working on you…drawing out the dynamic life force within and extending the miracle of your birth into everything you do.  The Master Key Experience is not us telling you what to think or feel, heck, we’ve all had way to much of that in each of our lives…the Master Key Experience is the adventure of a lifetime; you discovering your authentic self and become a miracle in motion 24-7.

You are surround my miracles …take the time to see them and know you are one.

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience
Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience


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Master Key Experience, Week 23…20 Points Members Know


Sometimes I just sit in awe.  To be in the company of close to 300 kindred spirits who actually “get it.”

Get what?

There’s about a 7 minute video and most people who come across it will be drifting sometime around the 3rd to 4th minute.  The “quick fix” know-it-alls.  They’ll never understand the wisdom in the 20 points Mr. Hill makes.


The ironic thing is people who “drift” or think this is old stuff or, in most cases, think the list is “way to long” and it’s “not what they are looking for or need”, just never understand that it is exactly what they are lookng for and precisely what they need.

7 minutes and 20 quick point yield the number 1 treasure of the 12 to 13 riches in life, depending on who is counting the chickens.   Truth be told, with this one, the other 11 simply follow…automatically….like clock work.

What I love most about Week 23 in this six month process is the scholars of themselves who have paid the price daily will view this and understand the remarkable power they now have…and how simple it all is.


And, really, if you think you’ve got a great attitude, a PMA, grab the 7 day mental diet and take it….should be easy, right?

What I’d really love is to hear what you believe, from those 20 points,  is what you believe is the most important parts to you….hey, we’re all a little different….what do you have “nailed” and where you need to improve?

keep giving to keep growing                                                                                                                                 believe

mark januszewski

Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience
Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience
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Master Key Week 22 – Shhhhhh!

Quiet? Quite Challening

Got a spectacular text from one of our members, Craig Quartemain, who asked a very simple question while simultaneously making a statement. “…how are you?   Man, I got to ask you what in the world happens in these final weeks ?  This is CRAZY!!!!!”  [yes, Craig’s CAPS and yes, his 5 exclamation marks]

Craig Q
Craig Q

I can’t say all members feel that way but I am sure hoping that they do.   They prize for making the kind of effort Craig has made for the first 5 months of the challenging Master Key Mastermind Alliance course is really what we hope for…the thrill of self discovery.  [Next session begins September, 27, 2015 BTW] Once a member opens up to this adventure, the real adventure in life, everything else that the world shoves down our throat…marketed to make you feel inferior if you don’t “have” or are not doing them…like

  1. Superficial goals of companies that serve their hidden agendas
  2.  Cars
  3. Clothes
  4. Make-up
  5. Facebook
  6. “being normal”
  7. Video games
  8. Apps
  9. Smartphones
  10. I could go on forever….so could you, once you “know”

Anyway, once a member embarks on discovering their essence, once they begin to treasure their own divinity, all that other crap is boring by comparison.   Like so many of the 2014-2015 session, Craig’s paid the price by meeting the only requirements…honesty and effort…and…he’s reaping the rewards…..he’s on a “trip”, dwrafing anything Timothy Leary could conjure up 🙂 His text made me smile.   I can’t say I know how it is for him but I do know, for me, it simply “blew my mind.”   Craig, like so many, has become a “live wire.”


No longer fooled by the meaningless idea that something external can make our life better, the earnest members discover the world within, on a deep level.   This, if we give ourselves permission, let’s us connect to the Universal, the vital force behind everything and it puts a charge into us…once we realize we are a channel for infinite power and are, ourselves, pure potentiality, it is a shock.

The brutal disappointment at discovering the devious and nefarious ways the “system” strips of our indivduality and imagination is quickly dismissed by the kaleidoscope of adventure found within.   As we move away from the world’s ideas and understand our true nature is to be of service…that real life force, the source of all good, simply flows through us…..we transfrom into …live wires, vital, vitalized and bringing light, peace and understanding simply by our presence.

It's an adventure into the unknown
It’s an adventure into the unknown

It truly is a “trip” and Craig’s on it….like so many.   Grass is greener, permanatly …the sky is bluer, we see good in everyone, everywhere….no longer fooled by the conditioning of the “machine” trying to impose it’s values…and their hidden agenda;  doing anything necessary to get us NOT to think for ourselves and driving us to be “normal” and mired in the momentum of mediocrity

And…breaking away from 20, 30, 40 years of conditioning can feel…is…overwhelming. So I texted him back… “Yo, we’re just warming up” That was Friday, the 26th.

I knew after Sunday’s webcast, on the first, he’d be challenged, yet again, with the toughest challenge to date…THE EXERCISE.

The Exercise?

A vow of silence.

Real silence. The simple idea of silence, real silence, for a few days or more is someting most people instantly recoil from.

Members have been through so much challenge with us that they consider and, usually, try to do it….sort of. You can’t do it half way.   People like Craig won’t, he’s hooked on the high of life.   [aside: Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water – think the music from Jaws].

  • No cells
  • No texting
  • No drivel novels
  • No TV
  • No music
  • No nuthin’ that is a distraction.
Silence is the passport back to the future of unlimited wonder
Silence is the passport back to the future of unlimited wonder

It will get loud….louder and then REALLY LOUD in the head…but, because members are so cool at being able to control the only thing we truly have control over, thought…they will quiet the mind. It is in this spot…this dazzling place BETWEEN thoughts that the authenic connection is made…to ourselves, to the Universal….some call this the “gap” …that space between thoughts.

And, it’s when we come out of the “gap” that the wisdom, the Shaman within, enlightens us….further separating us from the mundane momentum of mediocrity. I know, sort of,  what members will discover…and know, on some level their wonder.

They will wonder why they initially fought off doing this…making excuses, like I did, all ego based.  They’ll laugh at their feeble reasons as to why they “just can’t set aside 3 full days” ….just like I did..somehow believing that the world is going to stop revolving without me, LOL.

The discovery, coming out of this silence..what I, sort of, know each will discover….their unique gifts, their pathway to bliss and the beginning of the full transformation into the marvelous, service driven, dynamic, “live wire” that has been waiting, patiently  for years for each of us….this unique, gifted, marvelous, loving fearless victor…is not found in the “noise” of the world…but within.

The passport to the live wire within?   Shhhhhhh!

believe mark januszewski

Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience
Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience
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Master Key Week 21: Top 4 Mind Mistake That Screw Up Your Life – Guest Blogger Davene Januszewski

http://mkmmacourse.comBig Mahalo to my lovely bride The Fabulous Davene for guest blogging.

1. Negative Thinking – You’re reading it everywhere now from Reader’s Digest to the Costco magazine for crying out loud, thinking negatively will hurt you. A lot!

Not just hurt your mind but your entire live!!! Maybe it’s even killing you.

Now most people just read that and say, “Oh – OK negative thinking is bad.” Then that’s end of the story. You CAN’T JUST STOP THINKING NEGATIVELY!!!!! You have, I have, we all have in some cases decades of thinking the same way and never, ever trying to change it. But there is not doubt that negative thinking will kill your dreams, your joy, your relationships – EVERYTHING!!!

More that anything right now I really, really wish I could just write something here to help you but it won’t work.

Just like all the books you’ve read and the courses you’ve taken and the seminars, the expensive gurus… OMG $8K or something to go to some tropical place and be told, “you can do it rah rah!” Jeez I’ve met so many nice people who have been ripped off so hard. Makes me sad 🙁

Here is a fact! FACT not my idea about it – Here you go pay attention – It takes hard mental labor to change the way you think. That’s just the way it is so I’ll will give you a solution that will work but it takes work. It’s not point to click to happiness, that doesn’t exist. Click here for Master Key Mastermind Alliance Experience.

Go to that site, there’s NOTHING for sale, and check it out. Caveat though – Sorry we don’t start again till September but it’s your very best chance for happiness.

2. Emotions – I know from personal experience the “Tyranny of Emotions”. The biggest thing here, for me anyway, is resentments, anger and sadness. But don’t think other emotions don’t get in the way, they do.

There are situations that have happened to me that I all of a sudden realize I am reliving in my mind. I have to consciously tell myself to stop thinking about that! After reading some scientific information about how the brain works it seems that I may, alot of us may, suffer from PTSD (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder) if any of us were subjected to violent abusive junk in the past.

So I’m not wearing that moniquer and it compelled me to looked and looked for something to help me forgive. Forgiveness is the answer to PTSD BTW. LOL. I found a really cool technique that is working great for me. It’s not easy, simple yes, but it not easy.

Here goes, when one of these resentments, or whatever causes you to “relive” an unpleasant experience in your life or maybe it’s just pops into your mind, imagine a dear loved one. Get that image in your head, feel the love and take a few deep breaths.

Now imagine the thing you have the resentment at and superimpose the image of the your loved one over the resentment. Use your very powerful imagination for your good. Merge these two thing together and breathe deep. Now let go of the resentment part of the image and just feel the love you have for that dear, dear loved one. Just stay with that love for a few breathes and then bask in your own greatness for doing something so marvelous for yourself.

3. Not Breathing – So many of us just don’t breathe enough! Stop now and take a big cleansing breath. Be aware that when you have stopped breathing, I don’t mean completely cause well you know… I mean most people are taking these tiny shallow breaths and that not enough to live and grow. So be aware, especially when something stressful happens. When people are stressed the first thing they do is stop breathing and you need oxygen even more under stress. So breathe!

4. Not Being in Service – A very wise person told me once, “If something really bad happens get into service immediately!” It may be the very best advise I have ever received.

Listen, bad things happen to everyone it’s part of life. There’s loss, pain, tragedy, disappointment for EVERYONE!!! If you have trouble with this, as I do, then when something strikes that is difficult or downright horrible go help someone else. Then watch the unpleasantness melt away. You’ll be much more likely to deal with whatever is happening if you go help someone who needs help just as much as you do.

There you go.

Mahalo & Aloha for reading.


Yep that’s my view – Make your dreams come true too! Click This Picture to Learn More.


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Master Key Week 20, Pieces Coming Together?


The last few weeks are so exciting for the Guides and Staff that is painful to write a post, incrediblely painful.




We’re committed to, as facilitators, to “no influence” with the members.   I’m talking to Andrei J the other day,  a member who obviously is digging deep and the “no influence” thing came up.   He said, “you are influencing us,” to which I agreed … we exert every kind of influence we can to get members to “engage” in the exercises, but stay away from the material.

It’s talking to people, kindred spirits like Andrei, who are paying the price, going the extra mile.  That was evident in the conversation but I already knew that from his Week 17HJ post… The Hero’s Journey.  And that causes the pain for me.


You know how,  sometimes you see the prefect gift for someone, [don’t we all wish that happened more often 🙂 ], and you buy it.   Maybe their birthday is two weeks away or Christmas is 10 days away.   And IT’S KILLING YOU!

We know members like Andrei are breaking through, becoming teachers to the staff and Guides…and you want to share something you’ve discovered as badly as you want to give that perfect gift….early.

So I sitting an thinking, as usual, thinking about that universal feeling … I bust into laugher

All choices are simple once we find our truth
All choices are simple once we find our truth

because I realize what I’m really doing is contriving a way in my mind to violate our primary objective – no influence – and, of course, justify it.   So I laugh harder at myself because, let’s face it …we are funniest when we take ourselves most seriously.

Coming out of this 30-ish minute sit, laughing and being grateful for the temptation and what is teaching me…I wonder to my desk and – BAM!  I get this email from Gerhard, another member stretching himself who recently gifted me in the healing process [bad injury] …and in the email is a video clip…

Of greatness….

Of compassion…

Of understanding….

Of overcoming….

Most people won’t see it, really see the connection to the simple idea that we are all connected, harmony…even with enemies….Gerhard saw it and I know Andrei will too…and it satisfied me,  surrounded me with peace of mind.   The universe, eh?   Coming through big time.   It’s not what I wanted to share with Andrei and so many others…it’s better than anything like that…

A most remarkable kid, understanding point 5 of the bluepring builder [ a 5 point document we write out by hand and read daily] without ever having read it.   This kid gets that we are not only all connected but becomes, intuitively, a channel of service….and …


Emerson’s Law, give more get more….shows right up

Giving without expectation….using the simple idea of the greater good to eliminate a justified prejudice….all on point 5 of the bluepring builder.

Mahalo Gerhard and all the members….fuggetabouwtit!

You’ll see countless examples of the things you’ve worked hard to learn and master….letting us all know, if we just let go and live the principles, without expectation of reciprocity….it will surpass anything we could possibly imagine…

Let me know what you see down below in the comments….and let me know if you know it’s already in you, OK?

Update?  Andrei is now clearly focused, a year later on a career path that is remarkable to say the least….simply astonishing to see this educator brusting into the private sector, doing what he loves and making a difference while maintaining excellence as a professor and excelling as a Certified Guide….while lending his expertise to helping reconstruct the  Certified Guides ciriculumn …  not bad plate…help, help, help others and, golly gee, it’s returning over and over and over.


mark j

Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience
Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience


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Master Key Week 13 – The Truth is Everywhere


Once you know the truth, really, it’s not only everywhere, it becomes impossible to miss and seeing it makes me feel good…about me.

Master Key members are working hard, that’s no joke.   Over 200 people have already packed it in, a touch over 300 remain standing, scraping, learning and growing.  Pretty normal, because learning how to change is hard work, really hard work.   Most people what the rewards of an education but going back to school, post graduate school, is a shock…bravo to the adjusters.

These magnificent members, that’s no hyperbole by the way, are challenged daily but they “get it.”   Get what?   Unlike those who don’t have the time daily to dedicate themselves to

Succes is service
Succes is service

learning the Master Key, this remarkable group has figured out that if they want a different outcome, they’ll need to learn how to create change within…breaking mental habits that are 10, 20….40 or more years old.  To do it they must learn and help others.

The “get” that this process, breaking mental habits that made their future predictable…and unsatisfactory, and replacing it with new habit, no matter how difficult, is worth it…because not only will they create a new reality, one of their own choosing, the payoff is even bigger.   They’ll have trained their brain to effortlessly create change in the future.   It’s a two-for-one hit.

A couple weeks ago one of the members let me know that the 4 tiny habits that develop the larger habit of persistance was “anti-climatic” …persistence, which most people do not know, is not a characteristic or something you have or don’t have.   It’s actually a habit comprised of 4 tiny habits the members have developed and re-inforced for weeks.


Anti-climatic?   Good grief.   The 25 year study of Napoleon Hill was based on this one thing and people that develop this incredible habit can, let me quote Hill here, “write their own ticket.”   Hill goes on to point out life will yield whatever we want with this habit, wealth in any one of the 13 riches of life…..or all of them.

Can anyone imagine having the ability to write their own ticket who did not have it before, having the habit that is the single difference between happiness, fulfillment and wealth plus piece of mind…and failure?   Well, these members have it and I won’t gush on about how hard they’ve worked…they have all earned it…and, like myself, they can see how everything is not only connected that brings abundance where ever we would like it…they can see the truth and how these things connect in everything that is flourishing…it’s almost surreal once you understand the truth and apply it.

Jerry MaGuire
Jerry MaGuire

Years back a wonderful movie, Jerry MaGuire was released….and everyone, well most everyone loved the story, loved Jerry and the performance of Cuba Gooding won him an Academy Award….but what’s really interesting is in 45 seconds or so of screen time, everyone really loved Jerry’s mentor, Dickie Fox.    How could this be?

From this great movie, once “show me the money” got burned out in our daily laungage the majority of the quotes, 5 tiny cameos by the Dickie Fox character, is what most people remember and quote today when that flick comes up in conversation.


Well, for people who understand the “truth” of being, of universal law…Dickie Fox is the man, plain and simple.  He’s DA MAN!

While the movie overall was about enthics and principles …it was really the Fox character who carried the bigger truth…the key to success in anything…the same thing these surviors of our challenging, once a year course, carries.   Dickie Fox quotes survive because the truth has a “ring” to it that is irresistible.

See how many pure truths you can pick up….how many connections you can link together  that spell out authentic success…something that is earned in the mind first.  You see, once you “know” the truth, you see it everywhere that good things are happening for others. How someone can call developing the habits that produce a mindset like this is beyond me but, hey, we keep working and love them all….loving them all is part of the “secret to success”   Long time readers of either of our blogs know we don’t believe there are any “secrets” but success sure plays in the minds of the masses as a “secret”…I guess people just think it can’t be this simple…..




If you don’t love everybody, you can’t sell anybody.

Our members learned this in both the “blueprint builder” and Scroll II of Mandino’s masterpiece, The Greatest Salesman in the World.

I wake up and say….this is one of the 4 tiny habits, a positive mental attitude from within.

Tomorrow’s another day….roll with it…..winning and losing are both impostors and have nothing to do with character.  Scroll III

I love my life, I love my wife and I wish you…..Dickie knows a rising tide raises all ships and the celebrating the success of others builds a success consciousness….Haanel, Law of Growth

Personal relationships….praising others and improving himself to be better at them…Scroll I

If this is empty….Scroll II, the last paragraph, eh?

So….members, for those stopping by….let them know how many nuggets you heard from Dickie that validate the same truth we’ve been working on together for nearly 3 months now…I know you see the truth everywhere….in these simple 48 seconds, BAM!

Share below the truths you see and how they play out for you….I’d love to know what you see that I don’t or see what I see but have found some cool ways to put these truths into your new reality…to forge a completely different outcome

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

Master Key Master Mind Alliance 

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The Master Key Keeps on Giving and Growing


It was really Emerson who inspired this whole Master Key Mastermind Alliance Experience. Back in 2007, wifey, The Fabulous Davene and I had a “sit down” … meaning, for us, just the two of us and lots of espresso.

Oh, yeah, and a “conclusion.”    We don’t call a “sit down” to kick things around, we call them to make a change.   The details probably aren’t important so I’ll skip’em but I asked for the “sit down” and had something on my mind.

The "sit down" with Emerson
The “sit down” with Emerson

I has spent several days reading over and over and over Emerson’s essay, “The Law of Compensation.”   It has been assgined to the members Master Key course, as usual only this time it hit me deeper, in my gut.   And it wouldn’t let go.

The gist of that conversation with Davene was I wanted to dedicated myself to this Master Key Experience for others and she said that’s great, knew what it had done for both of us.

“You don’t understand what I’m asking honey,” I said after a long silence.


“I don’t want to teach and apply the Master Key System….I want to do that but I want to get there based on Emerson’s Law of Compensation.”

Silence.   Long Silence.

“So just keep giving the course away and trusting, down to our livelihood, the Key and Emerson’s Law?”


Longer silence.


In a nutshell, the Law is “give more, get more” and it’s misquoted by the “law of attraction” hucksters all the time.    For the record, we don’t “turn on” the law of attraction.  It’s working 24-7 but that’s not the point of this post.

Back to the sit.

That last long silence ended.   She smiled and said four words, “Let’s get busy giving.”

We bet our  collective future on 3 things.   The Master Key System, Emerson’s Law and living our lives doing what we love.

In 2010 we began the transisition from living rooms and conference calls to this inter-webbie thing…and gave the course away to around 200 people…and last year, 2013 session really helped up “refine” the connection points, both on and offline.   And, giving.

Of course, they, the 2013 session,  were exposed to Emerson and the romantic nature that is a requirement for all those on the staff….no, I’m not talking about dating.   The willingness to commit to something bigger than yourself with no apparent payoff…to give without expectation of reciprocity.

A 2010 Master Key Mastermind Alliance member has a ministry…where the money given actually gets to the end user.   Scott Brookins, cool dude from Colorado,  rolled up his sleeves…and found a dream.  To rebuild a community in Uganda.   The 2013 session, 330 intitial members and 170 finishers, [not going to lie here, it will challenge you], dedicated themselves to the course and we all gave some….today…the school building stands.  In Uganda and the children and villagers have more…we are so proud of this group of Master Key Members… and somehow, simply by giving more without expectation they moved all of us one step closer…



Our purpose, the real purpose of the course, is to help people learn to help themselves think for themselves….and in doing so both find and follow their bliss.   We want to be able to scholarship in over 1000 people…and a group within that group of finishers in completing 5 months of training to handle the addtional new Heroes.


We open the “pay-it-forward” scholarship process on September 11th so make sure you’re on that early notification list…it only comes once a year…what can you expect?

Why do I use the term Hero?

You can expected to be challenged to let go of other people’s ideas, the condtioning we have all been subjected to and challenged to think for yourself.   For those who accecpt this challenge and think for themselves, [and we don’t tell you what to think, just that you can], they embark on the greatest of all adventures…known as the Hero’s Journey.

The payoff is immense….you will find and follow your bliss…

Make sure you check out a certified guide or two ….and a few members.…go back to their week one when you find someone interesting to you….and follow their journey for 6 months….it sure beats surfing the web or watching sports center….these are people who put that stuff away, living vicariously through other’s and began their own adventure.

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience
Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience
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The Master Key Experience Is Hard Until You Let Go


The battle cry is that “with challenge comes change” and it’s true… sort of.

The Master Key Experience is 26 weeks long, [or short 🙂 ], and while it will challenge you there is no guarantee that it will change you.  That’s on you.   You have to meet the challenge to create change, on this we must argee for you to really consider embracing this experience and altering the decision making process that got you this far.

And that…right there…”embracing” the experience is the trick, catch, hard part …whatever you want to label it.   We’re not big on labels here, not me, not the Certified Guides…no one.   See, that’s really the problem, isn’t it?   Labels.

What are “labels?”

The perceptions you’ve become loyal to…and the bad news is?

Are we just copies of copies?
Are we just copies of copies?

Someone, actually lot’s of someone’s taught us those things….based on their perceptions….Ut-oh…is the life we know just a copy of a copy?

…..and what makes the Master Key Experience long or short….easy or hard….a challenge that will make you or break you ….is our willingness to “Let Go”…I mean really let go of the known

What is really known?   Who knows!

That’s the point…all secruity driven thinking is fear based, no matter how you slice it.  Our  practiced perceptions we have give us a sense of “self” …and that make us feel secure …but, if we stay loyal to what makes us feel secure…if we refuse to “let go” of believing external things and external ideas make us feel secure, we can never find our greatness, unique gifts nor real peace of mind and without that peace, what’s the point?

Letting go…for most people…is something they claim to be willing to do…but…they want guarentees first…which is not letting go at all…hmmm

This is why our invitation to take the Hero’s Journey…needs to be taken seriously.

I know what you’re thinking…me?

A hero?



Check out one or two….or more of these blogs, heck there’s over 160 to pick from.  I’ve put Dan and Jenna’s here starting at week one and Valeska Harraud’s here…. also starting at week one.   They appear, on the surface, to be starkly different but as you follow their stories for 26 weeks or more, notice how, while finding their own voice, heart’s desire and their unique gifts that they have some magnificent things in common.

They have courage.   They grow….not in the shadow of the Master Key Experience but they find their own path and light….and challenges…..and their writing, along with everything in their lives ….improves…..

I’m telling you right up front….their 6 plus month story…or any that you check out…..will be so fascinating …so much more fanstinating than any book or movie….because, at their very core, while finding their individual self…they are just like all of us.   Just like you …compelled by a yearning to understand themselves and life and now, instead of trying to figure out the meaning of life….they, in unique ways, give meaning to life.

You can get on the early notification list here

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience
Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience








Oh, yeah…make sure you hit the Master Key Mastermind Alliance link above and are on our list so you have first shot at a pay-it-forward scholarship [and no, we don’t give one or two they tell everyone else it cost 2000-3000 bucks.  Everyone comes in on a pay-it-forward scholarship or they don’t come in.   You cannot buy this course, you’ve got to earn it…so read baby, read.

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