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Master Key System Week 13; Truth is Everywhere


Once you know the truth, really, it’s not only everywhere, it becomes impossible to miss and seeing it makes me feel good…about me.

Master Key members are working hard, that’s no joke.   Over 300 people have already packed it in, a touch over 400 remain standing, scraping, learning and growing.  Pretty normal, because learning how to change is hard work, really hard work.   Most people want the rewards of an education, desire the promises of the Master Key System but going back to school, post graduate school, is a shock…bravo to the adjusters.  Our hope, of course, is that those who declined to do the work have been touched from within and they decide to re-engage next September.

These magnificent members who keep answering the call, that’s no hyperbole by the way, are challenged daily but they “get it.”   Get what?   Unlike those who don’t have the time daily to dedicate themselves to

Succes is service
Succes is service

learning the Master Key, this remarkable group has figured out that if they want a different outcome, they’ll need to learn how to create change within…breaking mental habits that are 10, 20….40 or more years old.  To do it they must learn and help others.

The “get” that this process, breaking mental habits that made their future predictable…and unsatisfactory, and replacing it with new habit, no matter how difficult, is worth it…because not only will they create a new reality, one of their own choosing, the payoff is even bigger.   They’ll have trained their brain to effortlessly create change in the future.   It’s a two-for-one hit.  As with any skill or habit, the more we do it, the easier it gets.  Creating change from within, virtually on demand, is on the horizon and they are picking up speed towards that state of being.

A couple weeks ago one of the members let me know that the 4 tiny habits that develop the larger habit of persistence was “anti-climatic” …persistence, which most people do not know, is not a characteristic or something you have or don’t have.   It’s actually a habit comprised of 4 tiny habits the members have developed and re-inforced for weeks.


Anti-climatic?   Good grief.   The 25 year study of Napoleon Hill was based on this one thing and people that develop this incredible habit can, let me quote Hill here, “write their own ticket.”   Hill goes on to point out life will yield whatever we want with this habit, wealth in any one of the 13 riches of life…..or all of them.

Can anyone imagine having the ability to write their own ticket who did not have it before, having the habit that is the single difference between happiness, fulfillment and wealth plus piece of mind…and failure?   Well, these members have it and I won’t gush on about how hard they’ve worked…they have all earned it…and, like myself, they can see how everything is not only connected that brings abundance where ever we would like it…they can see the truth and how these things connect in everything that is flourishing…it’s almost surreal once you understand the truth and apply it.

Jerry MaGuire
Jerry MaGuire

Years back a wonderful movie, Jerry MaGuire was released….and everyone, well most everyone loved the story, loved Jerry and the performance of Cuba Gooding won him an Academy Award….but what’s really interesting is in 45 seconds or so of screen time, everyone really loved Jerry’s mentor, Dickie Fox.    How could this be?

From this great movie, once “show me the money” got burned out in our daily laungage the majority of the quotes, 5 tiny cameos by the Dickie Fox character, is what most people remember and still quote today when that flick comes up in conversation.


Well, for people who understand the “truth” of being, of universal law…Dickie Fox is the man, plain and simple.  He’s DA MAN!

While the movie overall was about enthics and principles …it was really the Fox character who carried the bigger truth…the key to success in anything…the same thing these surviors of our challenging, once a year scholarship course, carries.   Dickie Fox quotes survive because the truth has a “ring” to it that is irresistible.

See how many pure truths you can pick up….how many connections you can link together  that spell out authentic success…something that is earned in the mind first.  You see, once you “know” the truth, you see it everywhere  and understand why good things are happening for others. Jealousy gets replaced with admiration and we go to “school” on others success instead or resenting it.  How someone can call “developing the habits that produce a mindset like this” anti-climatic is beyond me but, hey, we keep working and love them all….loving them all is part of the “secret to success”   Long time readers of either of our blogs know we don’t believe there are any “secrets” but success sure plays in the minds of the masses as a “secret”…I guess people just think it can’t be this simple…..




If you don’t love everybody, you can’t sell anybody.

Members who do the work acquire this pricless habit in both the “blueprint builder” and Scroll II of Mandino’s masterpiece, The Greatest Salesman in the World.

I wake up and say….this is one of the 4 tiny habits, a positive mental attitude from within.

Tomorrow’s another day….roll with it…..winning and losing are both impostors and have nothing to do with character.  Scroll III

I love my life, I love my wife and I wish you…..Dickie knows a rising tide raises all ships and the celebrating the success of others builds a success consciousness….Haanel, Law of Growth.  Yeah, Dickie “gets it” but what really makes me weak in the knees is that members are not just “getting it” but living it.

Personal relationships….praising others and improving himself to be better at them…Scroll I

If this is empty….Scroll II, the last paragraph, eh?

So….members, for those stopping by….let them know how many nuggets you heard from Dickie that validate the same truth we’ve been working on together for nearly 3 months now…I know you see the truth everywhere….in these simple 48 seconds, BAM!

Share below the truths you see and how they play out for you….I’d love to know what you see that I don’t or see what I see but have found some cool ways to put these truths into your new reality…to forge a completely different outcome

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

Master Key Master Mind Alliance 

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Master Key Week 2; Control Freaks Freaking Out?


We are all control freaks.   Until we aren’t anymore.

I love the movie, “When Harry Met Sally”.   I can’t help myself but at least it’s a conscious decision.  I simply love romatic comedies, “ro-cos'”, becasue we know how they are going to end.   Love always wins.

High Maintinence
High Maintinence

Been through, on both ends, some challenging relatonships.   Once I started to understand the Master Key System, I made a conscious decision to watch “ro-co’s”, [or rom-coms as The Fabulous Davene never fails to correct me], because, at heart, I am a hopeful romatic, [why be a hopeless romatic?], who understood, somehow, that long term humor needs to be a factor.

So I started focusing on them…..watching them over and over and over as I drifted off to sleep after doing my reading and studying of the ‘world within’.   Made a conscious decision to focus on romance and love instead of “relationship” ……hey, if Haanel was right and we manifest what we think about….why not think about romance and love.   Besides, it was clear to me that whatever my “stuff” with relationships was….poor picker, poor mate, poor at intamcy….no matter……relationships just did not bring to me what I desired.   Which was?  Romance and fun….and KNOWING, in every fiber of my being, that is was going to “work out” in the end.  And you always know, when watching a “rom-com” that if it is NOT working out, it simply is not the end!   How cool would that be.

But that was easy….singular, if you will.

How come I could figure that out….but when it came down to what I wanted to do with my life I was so damn indecisive?

Turns out I was not being indecisive at all….I was just a control freak.

We all are….until we aren’t.

There is a great line, one of many actually, in that movie.

Harry: There are two types of women.  High maintience and low maintience.

Sally: Which one am I?

Harry:  Your the worst kind.  You are very high maintence but you think you’re low maintience

Sally:  I just want things the way that I want them.

Harry: High maintence

We are not only control freaks but we all believe we are not.


So? What is your dharma….what is your purpose?

Why is this so hard?

Everybody Seems To Know What Our Blueprint for Life Should Be....including not thinking for ourselves
Everybody Seems To Know What Our Blueprint for Life Should Be….including not thinking for ourselves

The accertation here is the ‘cement buddha’ or, if you perfer, the River of Dreams……we’ve be pounded for so long by schools, institutions, parents who are by-products of the same consumerism machine and the government to ‘fit it’ …..that we simply have not thought about it….in my case….simply had not ‘thought’ for years….for myself.  Actually decades.  The matrix of others’ blueprints is confusing and overwhelming.

All, as in 100%, of control issues are fear based.  And indecision is the worst…..with others around us in our lives….indecision controls them, to varying degrees….

So…..what do you want?

Even more befuddling is …’what are your two biggest personal pivotal needs?’

What is your heart’s desire?

Sadly, many of us don’t even know how to process this simple question.

Funny, when we were 5 or 6 years old….our response was instantaneous!

What happened?

No matter.

What matters is….Mark.. Fred…Joanne…”Are you happy?”

File that one under “C” for curveball for most people…..

If we hesitate on that one…’s a dead give away….”no”


Then….BAM!  Haanel hits me square in the chops… the intro to lesson 2 …..

“Our difficulties are largely due to confused ideas and ignorance of our true interests.”

IF we don't decide, someone else will
IF we don’t decide, someone else will

OMGoodness……I don’t know what I want or what my heart’s desire is…..or if I am even happy……and it’s all linked to my confusion about what I want …..and what I am truly intested in – think dharma!

Then he blows me away …..

2-3: The subconscious soul, like a benevolent stranger, works and makes provision for our benefit, pouring only the mature fruit into our lap; thus ultimate analysis of thought processes shows that the subconscious is the theatre of the most important mental phenomena.”

Double BAM!

My life is a movie, a reflection of the ‘subconscious theatre’ and …’s my autobiography……or I default to someone elses ideas.

Why would I do that?

Simple….I’ve got someone to blame….if I don’t like it.

Ut-oh…..we only get one shot.

Who can I really trust to design this movie?   Really?

I remember the fear and excitement this revelation triggered simutaneously…..way back in the mid-90’s.

Then, like a bolt out of the blue…..I confessed…to myself….falling to me knees…..I was a control freak of the worst kind.

No idea what my needs were…..what I was interested in…..and as far as dharma, well, that was just too big.

And two word popped into my head as I re-read lesson two.

Slow down.

Your heart's desire is whispering to you, will you listen?
Your heart’s desire is whispering to you, will you listen?

Just becoming aware that I was reacting to life ….by making a living…..and had not thought….as I did as a kid….about what I really want and how it would effect others around me was a treasure!

I get to be romantic… fall in love with the idea, the single thought that I have not been thinking ….and slow down….to learn to think….and with some consistent effort….I might discover what my heart’s desire is and how that may help me and by extension……those around me.

And, if I struggle… be it…..because… the end, like a “rom-com” it will turn out fine in the end…..and if it’s not turning out fine….it simply is not the end.

Confessing I was a control freak was about the best thing I ever did… did not stop right away……but as I was learning in the lessons…..I could either continue to try and control the world….or learn to control myself by controlling my thoughts…

So, all you fellow control freaks……you wanted control… you’ve got it…


 What do you want?


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo sharing The Master Key Experience
Mahalo sharing The Master Key Experience



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Master Key Week 21: Top 4 Mind Mistake That Screw Up Your Life – Guest Blogger Davene Januszewski

http://mkmmacourse.comBig Mahalo to my lovely bride The Fabulous Davene for guest blogging.

1. Negative Thinking – You’re reading it everywhere now from Reader’s Digest to the Costco magazine for crying out loud, thinking negatively will hurt you. A lot!

Not just hurt your mind but your entire live!!! Maybe it’s even killing you.

Now most people just read that and say, “Oh – OK negative thinking is bad.” Then that’s end of the story. You CAN’T JUST STOP THINKING NEGATIVELY!!!!! You have, I have, we all have in some cases decades of thinking the same way and never, ever trying to change it. But there is not doubt that negative thinking will kill your dreams, your joy, your relationships – EVERYTHING!!!

More that anything right now I really, really wish I could just write something here to help you but it won’t work.

Just like all the books you’ve read and the courses you’ve taken and the seminars, the expensive gurus… OMG $8K or something to go to some tropical place and be told, “you can do it rah rah!” Jeez I’ve met so many nice people who have been ripped off so hard. Makes me sad 🙁

Here is a fact! FACT not my idea about it – Here you go pay attention – It takes hard mental labor to change the way you think. That’s just the way it is so I’ll will give you a solution that will work but it takes work. It’s not point to click to happiness, that doesn’t exist. Click here for Master Key Mastermind Alliance Experience.

Go to that site, there’s NOTHING for sale, and check it out. Caveat though – Sorry we don’t start again till September but it’s your very best chance for happiness.

2. Emotions – I know from personal experience the “Tyranny of Emotions”. The biggest thing here, for me anyway, is resentments, anger and sadness. But don’t think other emotions don’t get in the way, they do.

There are situations that have happened to me that I all of a sudden realize I am reliving in my mind. I have to consciously tell myself to stop thinking about that! After reading some scientific information about how the brain works it seems that I may, alot of us may, suffer from PTSD (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder) if any of us were subjected to violent abusive junk in the past.

So I’m not wearing that moniquer and it compelled me to looked and looked for something to help me forgive. Forgiveness is the answer to PTSD BTW. LOL. I found a really cool technique that is working great for me. It’s not easy, simple yes, but it not easy.

Here goes, when one of these resentments, or whatever causes you to “relive” an unpleasant experience in your life or maybe it’s just pops into your mind, imagine a dear loved one. Get that image in your head, feel the love and take a few deep breaths.

Now imagine the thing you have the resentment at and superimpose the image of the your loved one over the resentment. Use your very powerful imagination for your good. Merge these two thing together and breathe deep. Now let go of the resentment part of the image and just feel the love you have for that dear, dear loved one. Just stay with that love for a few breathes and then bask in your own greatness for doing something so marvelous for yourself.

3. Not Breathing – So many of us just don’t breathe enough! Stop now and take a big cleansing breath. Be aware that when you have stopped breathing, I don’t mean completely cause well you know… I mean most people are taking these tiny shallow breaths and that not enough to live and grow. So be aware, especially when something stressful happens. When people are stressed the first thing they do is stop breathing and you need oxygen even more under stress. So breathe!

4. Not Being in Service – A very wise person told me once, “If something really bad happens get into service immediately!” It may be the very best advise I have ever received.

Listen, bad things happen to everyone it’s part of life. There’s loss, pain, tragedy, disappointment for EVERYONE!!! If you have trouble with this, as I do, then when something strikes that is difficult or downright horrible go help someone else. Then watch the unpleasantness melt away. You’ll be much more likely to deal with whatever is happening if you go help someone who needs help just as much as you do.

There you go.

Mahalo & Aloha for reading.


Yep that’s my view – Make your dreams come true too! Click This Picture to Learn More.


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Week 16 Master Key System, Kindness and Hugging?


I’m manifesting, right this second.   A vision I have held for years, 300,000 hugs from the heart …all given without a sense of obigation nor agenda…all 300,000 based in kindness.

OK, that’s not all of the vision.   To have 30,000 people all go out into the world on the same day and hug 100 people each may seem impossible to non Master Key members but I’m certain the 300 current members are wondering why I’m not aiming at 1,000,000.

And that’s a good question, after all, you may be thinking….if all 3000 did 350 in a day we’d be at 1,050,000 hugs.   Let’s kick that around at the MKMMA LIVE! Retreat – because, really, we need these to be from-the-heart hugs….we need to be aiming at the objective, hugging with the heart, a random and unexpected kindness ….not a race or obligation.

Kindness is the key to the hug…knowing, more today than ever, technology is separating us, not drawing us closer together….and, no matter how cool technology is, how slick, how wonderful some it is ….I can state, unoquivically, it will, no matter how much you love it….it will never love you back nor hug you.

Be kind to yourself and let go of what you don't need
Be kind to yourself and let go of what you don’t need

Kindness is the key to creating, without ourselves…the possibility that we can think for ourselves….the fear used to control the masses has done something more harmful than strip the average person from his ability to think….we’ve forgotten how to be kind to ourselves….by giviing that all week, seeing it everywhere and in everyone….it grows within us.    And the kindest thing that we can do, ever, becomes possible.

The kindest thing we can do?   Be kind to our future self…because once we are, we can hear again.   Hear our heart’s desire and act on it….once we do, the gifts we have become both apparent and active….and simply by giving it away, without expectation of reciprocity, we are being kind to all….and, you know the rest…..Emerson’s Law of Compensation does what it does….and it keeps coming back.

Is kindness the Master Key?   No….but I gotta tell you that for most members it is the beginning….the pathway, if you will….to “letting go of what we no longer need and claiming what we do require”

So the hug thing….it’s not about the number of hugs, it’s about the kindness of hugging from the heart, pushing out Scroll II, the love, in that split second.  Am I wrong?   Am I right? Fun to mastermind then find the 3000 then watch them NOT watch me when I go do my hugs but be out there doing it to….and you’re here at the beginning….


Last year 170-ish created and/or identified 3000 random acts of kindess, [RAKs],and shared it in our community….so I went out and did 200 hugs…

This year, staying with the above reasoning….I decided to give you that same number as last year for RAKs, trying to make certain that we stayed focused on kindness and not numbers.    Is it time to up the ante?  Do people know it’s not about 3000…that’s just a beginning?   Could I have done better?

You tell me…with your actions and commenting below….did I make a mistake in trying to help others see RAKs and setting the number of 3000 to low?  Could we do more without losing the point…we want to be kindness, not counters….

In any case….you’ve got a ways to go as a mastermind so I can do what I love to do for you…go hug a lot of peeps….One thing I think we must do in the future so we all “feel” both the mastermind principle and kindess…is the amount of kindness we see and do should increase daily…yes?

Think that over, leave me a your thoughts below…..and know, really, I want you to shattered that previous count and grow kindness from within… I can do this on a bigger scale….eventually leading to 300,000 hugs in 2018….all of us, taking it to the streets!

I guess I just love doing this so much…..blow me away, OK, because it’s your masterminding and piling on the RAKs that provides the love ….in each of these hugs….I get to think of you for hours….honoring you….up the ante baby, up it.  While you think that over, this is what last year’s members inspired..from the beginning of the “hug” day.

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience
Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience
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Week 9 Changed Everything….oh, the possibilities


It’s not easy promising people a “pay-off” that will insure success in any venture they attempt.   For a lot of reasons.

1] It sounds like magic…which triggers doubt.

2] If it doesn’t work, for everybody, you lose trust and are dead in the water.

3] It is a prediction about the future outcome, always shakey ground

The list could go on and on but there are reasons we decided to do it, to promise everybody that if they would do just 4 simple things, make them habits, they would have something that guarantees success in any and all ventures, business or personal, as long as it was inline with point 5 of the blueprint builder …that it was inline with the Universal and benefitted all the lives it touched.

And, really, of the 4 things we are doing during this “progression” the most challenging is the Mental Diet.   Until Lesson 9.   Once I read, studied and lived Lesson 9, I realized there was no risk at all, not really.

The “pay-off” to the progression is a slam dunk…anybody who has “it” does succeed at the things they undertake, 100% of the time.   The risk part, really, was successfully running together 7 days without a negative thought.

My pal, Charlie
My pal, Charlie

And Charlie, [Charles Haanel], spelled it out for us in sections 27 & 28, BAM!

27. Man is the sum total of his own thoughts; so the question is, how are we going to entertain only the good thoughts and reject the evil ones? At first we can’t keep the evil thoughts from coming, but we can keep from entertaining them. The only way to do this is to forget them — which means, get something for them. This is where the ready-made affirmation comes into play.

28. When a thought of anger, jealousy, fear or worry creeps in, just start your affirmation going. The way to fight darkness is with light — the way to fight cold is with heat — the way to overcome evils is with good. For myself, I never could find any help in denials. Affirm the good, and the bad will vanish. – Frederick Elias Andrews


The tears streamed from my eyes, good one.   I knew all members could be successful at the mental diet, a pre-requisite for getting the pay-off to the progression…but it was never about me and my belief.   Would they believe it?  27 & 28 were the answer…sort of.

It was the “action” expressed in those two thoughts that let me know they could all believe in naviagting the mental diet…but the tears came from me understanding what I had just read in 25…connecting to my core understanding of Emerson’s Law of Compensation, give more, get more.

25. Not only did I affirm it for myself, but for others that I knew needed it. I want to emphasize this point. Whatever you desire for yourself, affirm it for others, and it will help you both. We reap what we sow. If we send out thoughts of love and health, they return to us like bread cast upon the waters; but if we send out thoughts of fear, worry, jealousy, anger, hate, etc., we will reap the results in our own lives.

And I bawled like a baby, really.  Right there on the kitchen table, sobbing uncontrollabley like a child …and feeling better by the second.   Had it finally happened?  Had all these lofty thoughts come together at once?   Had I discovered the real path to abundance earlier but simply not recognized it?




This is a form of paying-it-forward, blessing others…wanting, really wanting the best for each and every person.   The possibilities are really endless, are they not?

There is no logical end to the ripple effect of giving without expectation of reciprocity, none what-so-ever.

A tiny, tiny gesture, if it comes from the heart has no logical end to the good that it can do.    One of our Certified Guides, John Kennedy, shared this with me a very short time ago…notice the “no logical end” idea….including someone sharing it with John, me sharing it with you and, who knows? We’ve got something special here with the Master Key Experience because while this will “move” you…unlike the majority of the public, it won’t shock or surprise you…you’re already doing it!

With your heart and give, this week off, this affirmation ““I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy” from Lesson 9 with your heart as many times as humanly possible….so you can create endless possibilities in the lives of others….and let me know how it feels and, hey, observe how the universe responds…..I’d love to know.


keep giving to keep growing


mark j

Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience
Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience
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The Mental Diet Would Be So Easy If……


When I first learned of the mental diet it sounded very cool.   A good friend of mine suggested I consider it…and he was coy about it.   Hit me in my ego 🙂

“I just tried something that was really tough for me but I bet you could do it.”

Doug had taken me under his wing in this spiritual study …he knew I had not come to grips with my “competitiveness” yet.   Competitiveness is great once we learn to compete with ourselves…I wasn’t there yet, back in 1994.

“Yeah, I can do it,” I said brashly without knowing a damn thing about it.   I was reading

I'm Reading Haanel, How Tough Can It Be?
I’m Reading Haanel, How Tough Can It Be?

Haanel, on my own and when Doug mentioned Emmet Fox, my ears perked up.   Another friend of mine had passed on Fox’s “The Sermon on the Mount” and I just loved how their minds worked so differently but the message was identical.

“Fox?” I asked?

“Yeah, he’s got this booklet that explains it, what to do with your mind.”

“Where can I get it?”

I really admired Doug and wanted to been seen as a peer…he’d been in that spiritual group for over 5 years.   Again, misdirected competitiveness.

“I have a copy with me,” he smirked.

I had no idea he was inviting me to grow, no idea how negative I was, no idea how judgmental I was… idea what I was walking into.


So I read the booklet and jump right in.

Doug gave me 2 pieces of advice.

  1. Be honest and restart when you’ve been negative
  2. Find and nuture your sense of humor

“Whatever,” I remember thinking.  I was going to nail this thing.

Read it on a Saturday night.

Had somewhere around 17 restarts by noon on Sunday…and I was in church for 3 hours that day!   OMGoodness.

I’m driving home after church…..guy in front me has his left blinker on, turns right.

“#&&%ing Idiot!!”   Restart 18

I could to this if people would just behave!
I could to this if people would just behave!

Stop for coffee.   “How does this girl keep her job?  Could she be any slower?”  #19

I’m leaving coffee shop and someone is coming in…they refuse to yeild with my hands full of coffee and muffins for the kids.  “Didn’t your mother teach you to you gotta let them out before you go in?”  I blurt out. #20

He gives me dirty look.

I swear at him in my mind, #21.

Jump in the truck…driving on Plum Island to my home and thinking that this diet would be so easy if &%^#%@ing people would just behave!  #22

I surrender…call Doug.

“keep your sense of humor,” he laughs.

“It’s not funny man,” #23 [very angry tone]

“You gotta surrender Mark.”


“You’ve got to understand it’s you, not them and ask for help.”

“You mean from God?”

“Sure, whatever that means to you.”

The mental diet remains a pride swallowing siege for the next few days…I can’t seem to stop myself from being judgmental….brutally judgmental.

I ask for help.

BAM! I find something to help me stop negative thoughts and complete the mental diet successfully… a little over 3 weeks to get that 7 day run in.

My life has never been the same.

Here’s what I found to easily stop negative thought in their tracks


On the mental diet?

  1. Be honest and restart when you’ve been negative
  2. Find and nuture your sense of humor
  3. Stop it

Keep giving to keep growing                                                                                                                                             believe

mark januszewski

Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience
Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience




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The Master Key Experience Will Challenge You


Americans are tough…and it’s not their fault.

What do I mean, “they’re tough”?

The instant grartification thing.   Somehow, between the late ’70’s and today…that pride in effort…the willingness to “earn it” … so prevalent in the “Last Great Generation” has almost vanished.  [And, I might add, this “instant gratification” and “fast, easy & entitled to benefits of labor without labor” is spreading to all four corners of the world quickly]

It’s the “almost” that I’ve bet my career on.   I really believe the conditioning of the government, TV…that interwebbie thing….has forged this attitude that if it’s going to take some time and effort…..fuggethaboutit….the “it’s hard daddy, help me” kicks in.

Turns out I made a great bet.   Turns out there are still people who “get it”.   They know that greatness and achievement is not only worth massive effort….the effort itself is as wonderful as the achievement.   I bet my career on the ingerity of adults and I’m glad I did.

Last year’s Master Key Experience gave us the honor of watching over 150 people complete this challenging course….like nothing you’ve ever experienced.   And wonderful stories and achievements keep pouring is…as people have learned “how to” create change..within themselves….and that creates change in the circumstances.

So you’re probably here to check it out a little bit….and that’s great….watch this video, the course doesn’t even begin for a few months….you and I both know, really, or you wouldn’t be here or read this far….that for things to change, we’ve got to change.

There is no “magic pill”

There is no “Secret” to success

And, yes, we scholarshipped over 330 people last year….so you’re not going to be pitched.  Well, you are going to be pitched, let me check that…..pitched to investigate those who came before you…no one is asking for money….in the fall, if you like what you hear, we’ll pitch you hard for a commitment to 6 months of work, real work….challenging work.



Want on the early release list and the science as to why resolutions never work?  Great click here.   It says we are full….but we’ll open in the fall

Our staff of guides can be found above or click here and you can ready about their journey of change….

They moved from fearful victims to fearless victors...
They moved from fearful victims to fearless victors…

As equally wonderful is this group of Hero’s and over 150 stories…..follow one or two for 26 weeks… sure beats viewing dopey videos on YouTube….these are real people who dug deep and found their gifts and purpose…..right here

Keep giving to keep growing


mark j

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Master Key System Week 7: The Tower of Babel


Everything is easy……and everything is hard….

So easy reading the material by week 7……so easy sitting and doing with my mind the exercises… difficult vitalizing the lessons into my life… hard.

The reading is easy now because I’ve bought in, 100%.   The pain of realizing I’ve created my life, the good, the bad and they ugly has long passed.

Yeah, it was painful to move from taking credit for the good stuff and blaming people, companies, places and things for the bad and ugly stuff …..but the truth, my truth, is that it wasn’t as painful to do that as I thought.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, it hurt like hell…..but….there was also an instant rushing in of freedom, hope and faith that was, well….divine.

If I had created all of it….the good, bad and ugly…..then I could create …..and I just got so damn excited about that the pain was more like a stubbing of a toe pain…, it hurts like hell but we also know, don’t we, that it will pass and be forgotten…..even if we break a toe, we KNOW it’s going to heal……and I knew I could heal the conditions in my life ……

The exericises, for me, by week 7 had broken down into 3 groups….

Ones that cam easy – YIPPEE

Ones that were challenging but I quickly got a handle on….YEAH

Hundreds of Ideas About How The World Could Be Better
Leading Two Lives?

Ones that I really, really struggled with……YEAH and YIPPEE….because, by the end of the week…..there was marked improvement…..sometimes even a moment of sublime perfection.   Hitting the “sweet-spot” where there was great struggle, even for a couple seconds… elegant, yes?

But…..always a but…..where was the application?

It was like I had two lives……this philosophical “study” and my life.

Sure….there were mental breakthrus…..and tears of relief, joy, regret, sadness……but, still….I was nagged by the feeling of seperation.

What I mean is…..knowing a philosophy and speaking about it is all BS if there is not application…..daily, hourly……if I’m not living it then the ideas are just words that show off intellect at a party…..see what I mean?


And in lesson seven…..Haanel hits my square in the face with the solution…..visualization.  It’s time to move that ideal, idealization … a clear mental picture.

I’m an idea man……or so I thought….

Always had an idea… make it big, to improve something in my life, in my subculture… the USA……in the world!

Great ideas…..

In section 13 of lesson seven I read…..Clearness and accuracy are obtained only by repeatedly having the image in mind. Each repeated action renders the image more clear and accurate than the preceding, and in proportion to the clearness and accuracy of the image will the outward manifestation be. You must build it firmly and securely in your mental world, the world within, before it can take form in the world without


I know it’s a BAM! because it has the ring of truth for me………but…..there’s that “but” again……my mind keeps jumping from image to image…..hundreds of scenarios, thousands of outcomes…..YIKES!   I read the sentence again…..and again……and again…..quiet my mind……peace for a moment…..100s of images…..back to peace…..and the idea that this is a condition I am creating …pops into my head.  I’m responsible for this…..or am I?

I ask….for the solution…..

Tower of Babel pops into my head.  I am reminded of the deeper message……

More weeping….yeah, yeah, I did a lot of that …..but freedom from the bondage of self is so gratifying… know the struggle is over….to be free in my mind from me overwhelming…..

So the Tower of Babel?

Babel means confusion… all those ideas without visualization and manifestation…..

Who Knew I Had Learned The Solution Years and Years Before?
Who Knew I Had Learned The Solution Years and Years Before?

Basically this parable is about denying one source……the source.

The ‘tribe’ came to a plain and decided to build a struture to reach heaven.

This means we, as individuals, believe something EXTERNAL will make us complete, whole….fufilled…’s the River of Dreams stuff……the ‘everyone speaking a different language’……meaning…..confusion of ideas as to what will make us happy …..[and everyone’s got an idea for that, right? Mom, Dad, teachers, insitutions, employers, MLM companies…..everyone has a blueprint for our happiness]…….

The idea that God had everyone speak a different lauguage is really a metaphor…..for confusion of thoughts…..that something we do or get or accomplish will lead us to “heaven” …..and while I read this parable  and thought how “absurd” those people were……believing they could ‘reach heaven’ it turns out that was exactly how I was living my life….

And….then…..tremendous laughter…….I realized all my “brilliant ideas” were simply reformatting everyone else’s blueprint and work….and ideas……so I could reach ‘heaven’… happy.

In other words, hibitual wrong thinking…..that somehow, something I could think of would make happy…..which is self reliance…..and, really, doomed to fail…creating more fear, more refomatting….and as more things don’t work out…..I get more fearful, without realizing it….and ‘jumpp’ from idea to idea……BABEL.

Gales of laugher……and I thought they were dumb for trying to build a tower?  LMAO now…..

Who knew the River of Dreams and the Cement Buddha were just updated versions of the Tower of Babel?
Who knew the River of Dreams and the Cement Buddha were just updated versions of the Tower of Babel?

Understanding that it all really happens in part 2 …..”Our difficulties are largely due to confused ideas and ignorance of our true interests” and it all runs on Emerson’s Law of Give More, Get More…..service…..all I have to do is walk away from the River of Dreams [Tower of Babel] …..look not to the external by listen to my heart while asking for pure honesty… make certain of my own true interests are from withing……and………that will, really, put me on the threshold……

The Babel stops……visualization begins…..feintly at first……then, daily, it gets clearer…..clearer…..and cleaer

The confusion of tongues in the parable is really a graphic description of the state of mind of those who have yet begun to center their lives on the source and service…….and I am grateful…..


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker 

Follow Your Bliss
Follow Your Bliss
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Week 3 Master Key System: Juggling My Way Back to the Future


When putting the Master Key Mastermind Alliance together we masterminded often about how to improve the experience.  I knew that the conversation….after platforms, workbooks configurations and looking at previous surverys from former members we examined would eventually come down to first hand experience.


Time, Cards, DMP, Dharma....I Felt Like a Juggler
Time, Cards, DMP, Dharma….I Felt Like a Juggler

“You know how you are,” quipped The Fabulous Davene, “you’ll keep adding ideas without having a real measure of what it really will take time-wise.”

I start “but…”  Interruption.   Appropriate interuption.

“You can’t add things in, all those things, that you’ve been doing for a while.”


“STOP!” she yells.  “I know, I know.  ‘Yes they can‘ is what you are going to say and we both know you are right but I don’t think you remember what it’s like in the very beginning.”

“The content?” I ask sheepishly.

“Yes my darling.  Some exercises are great.  Tell you what.  You do it with them, everything, then ask them later if they feel they could have handled more right out of the starting gate.”

And, I do remember.  OK, I didn’t remember but a 10 minute sit reminded me, clearly, how I felt.   Like a juggler.

I know that learning new ideas is one thing but learning ideas that turn around, especially with result driven, meassuring people…..everything we’ve been conditioned to believe…, well, a juggling act.

What I know is that practice makes perfect habits…..the trick is practicing the correct things.  And we’ve all been conditioned to practice, pretty much, the wrong things when it comes to

thinking.   I thought it was really interesting that on most early calls the members struggle with letting go of both the ideas of results and plans.   The pied-piping architects, govenments,

Thinking for ourselves disrupts things but it sure beats letting others do it
Thinking for ourselves disrupts things but it sure beats letting others do it

schools, etc.,  for decades have told us we must have a plan….not really a good or bad thing……but a plan for our life?  At 18?  And, of course, we’re kids who want to be grown-ups… we ‘buy in’……and spend years ‘practicing’ and ‘prefecting’ this habit of not thinking for ourselves…..believing, of course, if we follow this plan….work till 65, buy a house, have kids….we are ‘normal’……we never question is that ‘normal’ is good……or if we even want to be it….and we end up competing is a game that, be what it may be, is, at it’s very core…..encourages and reinforces NOT thinking for ourselves.


Then came, for me, as I was juggling the idea of hanging on to ‘some’ stuff my mind was loyal to while learning new stuff…..blessed week 3 and Van Morrison.

Really, why was I hanging on to so hard….what thoughts, [you know, competing, results, action, goals, don’t quit etc.] was defending so much despite knowing my life was no what I wanted…..not what I had hoped for…..and I’m not talking about money or stuff here…..I’m just talking about being happy.   Thoreau’s message that ‘most people live lives of quiet desperation’ was truer by the day.

Where was the adventure?

Where was the optomism?

Where was the swagger?

Where had the willingness to take a risk gone?

So I’m listening to Van Morrison’s “And It Stoned Me” …..and a line pops out…..’we saw the man from across the road with the sunshine in his eyes

On a cassette tape.

....the sunshine in his eyes
….the sunshine in his eyes

I rewind it.




I start speeding home…..something I never do.  Speed never appealed to me….at least with cars anyway.  Speed of thought?  BIG FAN.   Cars?  Nope.

I crack open the lesson I am on…..3…….BAM!   There it is!


I weep.  I did a lot of weeping …..the discoveries just, well, ‘stoned me.’   OK, I still do a lot of weeping…..feels good to be overwhelmed with awareness….a simple  ‘clue’ could drive me to my knees….anyway…..I crack open lesson 3…..and the Master Teacher’s words are piercing my soul is a glorius way…..”You are the light of the world.’

3:5 The Solar Plexus has been likened to the sun of the body, because it is a central point of distribution for the energy which the body is constantly generating. This energy is very real energy, and this sun is a very real sun, and the energy is being distributed by very real nerves to all parts of the body, and is thrown off in an atmosphere which envelopes the body.

3:13 It is evident, therefore, that all we have to do is let our light shine; the more energy we can radiate, the more rapidly shall we be enabled to transmute undesirable conditions into sources of pleasure and profit. The important question, then, is how to let this light shine; how to generate this energy?

Van Morrison jumps back into brain……’the man with the sunshine in his eyes’

The release from fear is not to be missed emotionally
The release from fear is not to be missed emotionally

BAM!  Weeping.   All the reading of the cards, the shapes…..the masterminding, trying to be sure about my PPNS…..pays off in one glorious mement…of truth.

I know.  I realize, for me, that day…..Van Morrison’s single line I kept listening to over and over was the ‘call to action’ from within.  What if, I think, the sunshine was pouring out if his eyes!

More weeping and it all comes together is the second part of 3:22 –  What, then, is the most natural way of making the desired impression? Mentally concentrate on the object of your desire; when you are concentrating you are impressing the subconscious

And suddenly all the juggling I had created to try an impress my subconscious mind was not only ‘worth it’ ….it was kenetic!

Me?  The light of the world?  That would be the normal response of the guy I had been…..doubt, fear, ego….whatever…..

I know that the Master Teacher spoke of the world often in terms of those around us, the entire planet.

I decide, that day…..I want to be the man with the sunshine in his eyes, that all in my presence feel safe, valued and treasured.

I found my dharma… humbles me while simutaneously giving me confidence.

I hunger for the work, the work of learning more about this remarkable mechanism between our ears….and how to use it….for manifest dharma…..and I find my passion in the process….and optomism, willingness to take risks again……

I find my dharma
I find my dharma

I am “back to the furture”… a 10 year old….vitalized and unconcerned about 4 years from now or 20 years from now.

Simply put, I am in the now….loving the exercises, disorganization vanishes, chores shift to service and I know, really know that I don’t know what is going to happen but that the purpose is pure and good and good things, better and bigger than I can imagine are there….

…..and suddenly, really, I no longer think about moving into the unknown but wake up, ‘with a vitality I have never known before’ with certainty that in the uncertainty of the day there will be discovery, adventure and if…..if I pay attention, a chance to serve.

mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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Week 1 Master Key System: It Never Ends


It never ceases to amaze me.   Charles Haanel author keeps adding new material to the Master Key System…..which would not be unusal except he “crossed over” in 1949.

How Could I Have Missed That For 17 Years?
How Could I Have Missed That For 17 Years?

How can this be?

I mean I read from the Master Key System all the time…..virtually daily between sessions.   I read, I sit, as suggested….every day.   Most of the time for 20 to 40 minutes ….two or three times a day.

So when did Haanel, from the grave, slip in the phrase “nothing can exist without mind” …..there is no life without mind.

While elated to make the discovery the nagging question is still, “How can this be?”

We are not talking about the second read through here.  Or the fifth of the fifteenth.   It’s a lot of reads, sits….

How can this be?


I like Streisand, acknowledge her talent but she never really crosses my mind. But there she was, BAM!

People Need People
People Need People

Now I’m sitting, trying to have my mind blank…..and Streisand keeps forcing her way in…..and she’s singing.   Billy Joel once in a while….Van Morrison too…..from time to time.

But Streisand?

When I’m clearing my mind?

So I tune in, surrendering to the idea that all the answers are within us.   My “subby” trying to tell me something?

So I let her rip……and she’s singing “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.”


All of a sudden an energy swells within me, I mean a surge of warmth, power and peace.

I weep for a few minutes….and the energy rises, lifting me into that rare incredible lightness of being.

We need each other……we are all connected and in today’s world, the pace, tech-no distractions, so much information swirling around ….it’s not easy to connect.  Until we realize that we must rise above these conditions and remember who we really are and what we are hear for.  To connect.

Funny how the stuff that is supposed to make us more connected has had the opposite effect…..

Anyway, back to Steisand… is this session of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance that has raised my awareness….taking the session, the reading, drills, index card exercises with the members has connected me, like authentic masterminds do, to that addtional mind.   Grateful.  Teary eyed again.


As a team our hope is pretty straight forward… help other’s help themselves find their authentic self.

See, we cannot really ‘connect’ with others until we find our true self…..and we know, like we know water is wet, what will happen to all the finishers of the 2013 Master Key Mastermind Alliance…..they discover their true self….and make rich connections to themselves and others while simultaneously finding their personal bliss and Dharma.

It’s electrifying…..we know this is a done deal, it happens to all finishers…..



So after the Steisand, energy, weeping and lightness of being experience…..I start back tracking … did that message get to me?  What set it in motion?

I realized that I had a conversation with Fran Patoskie just prior to that session.   And in that conversation we talked about Unversial Mind….Fitness [she’s my coach and helping me help myself get results], God, dancing….construction …..the Master Keys…..all as peers.   There’s an old saying…..when both people are students and teachers in the same conversation and ego is missing, remarkable things happen.

The vitality …. “nothing can exist without mind”…..was kicked up a notch and trigger an amazing experience because that ‘third mind’ was present.

When Did Haanel Slip That In?
When Did Haanel Slip That In?

So my question…..”How can that be?” about Haanel adding stuff….was answered.  That ‘mini-moment’ let me know that I’m surrounded by over 200 minds that will help me stretch my potential to the limit…..and I am grateful…..knowing there are hundreds like Fran who we will witness find their authentic self, their power and share their light.

And as seek and find the light of truth… light their own paths …..they will unconsciously light the path for others… Fran has done for me already.

OMGosh! It’s only week one….and the chances to grow?  It never ends…..when we have people in our lives intent on improving themselves with action.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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