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Master Key Week 2; Control Freaks Freaking Out?


We are all control freaks.   Until we aren’t anymore.

I love the movie, “When Harry Met Sally”.   I can’t help myself but at least it’s a conscious decision.  I simply love romatic comedies, “ro-cos'”, becasue we know how they are going to end.   Love always wins.

High Maintinence
High Maintinence

Been through, on both ends, some challenging relatonships.   Once I started to understand the Master Key System, I made a conscious decision to watch “ro-co’s”, [or rom-coms as The Fabulous Davene never fails to correct me], because, at heart, I am a hopeful romatic, [why be a hopeless romatic?], who understood, somehow, that long term humor needs to be a factor.

So I started focusing on them…..watching them over and over and over as I drifted off to sleep after doing my reading and studying of the ‘world within’.   Made a conscious decision to focus on romance and love instead of “relationship” ……hey, if Haanel was right and we manifest what we think about….why not think about romance and love.   Besides, it was clear to me that whatever my “stuff” with relationships was….poor picker, poor mate, poor at intamcy….no matter……relationships just did not bring to me what I desired.   Which was?  Romance and fun….and KNOWING, in every fiber of my being, that is was going to “work out” in the end.  And you always know, when watching a “rom-com” that if it is NOT working out, it simply is not the end!   How cool would that be.

But that was easy….singular, if you will.

How come I could figure that out….but when it came down to what I wanted to do with my life I was so damn indecisive?

Turns out I was not being indecisive at all….I was just a control freak.

We all are….until we aren’t.

There is a great line, one of many actually, in that movie.

Harry: There are two types of women.  High maintience and low maintience.

Sally: Which one am I?

Harry:  Your the worst kind.  You are very high maintence but you think you’re low maintience

Sally:  I just want things the way that I want them.

Harry: High maintence

We are not only control freaks but we all believe we are not.


So? What is your dharma….what is your purpose?

Why is this so hard?

Everybody Seems To Know What Our Blueprint for Life Should Be....including not thinking for ourselves
Everybody Seems To Know What Our Blueprint for Life Should Be….including not thinking for ourselves

The accertation here is the ‘cement buddha’ or, if you perfer, the River of Dreams……we’ve be pounded for so long by schools, institutions, parents who are by-products of the same consumerism machine and the government to ‘fit it’ …..that we simply have not thought about it….in my case….simply had not ‘thought’ for years….for myself.  Actually decades.  The matrix of others’ blueprints is confusing and overwhelming.

All, as in 100%, of control issues are fear based.  And indecision is the worst…..with others around us in our lives….indecision controls them, to varying degrees….

So…..what do you want?

Even more befuddling is …’what are your two biggest personal pivotal needs?’

What is your heart’s desire?

Sadly, many of us don’t even know how to process this simple question.

Funny, when we were 5 or 6 years old….our response was instantaneous!

What happened?

No matter.

What matters is….Mark.. Fred…Joanne…”Are you happy?”

File that one under “C” for curveball for most people…..

If we hesitate on that one…’s a dead give away….”no”


Then….BAM!  Haanel hits me square in the chops… the intro to lesson 2 …..

“Our difficulties are largely due to confused ideas and ignorance of our true interests.”

IF we don't decide, someone else will
IF we don’t decide, someone else will

OMGoodness……I don’t know what I want or what my heart’s desire is…..or if I am even happy……and it’s all linked to my confusion about what I want …..and what I am truly intested in – think dharma!

Then he blows me away …..

2-3: The subconscious soul, like a benevolent stranger, works and makes provision for our benefit, pouring only the mature fruit into our lap; thus ultimate analysis of thought processes shows that the subconscious is the theatre of the most important mental phenomena.”

Double BAM!

My life is a movie, a reflection of the ‘subconscious theatre’ and …’s my autobiography……or I default to someone elses ideas.

Why would I do that?

Simple….I’ve got someone to blame….if I don’t like it.

Ut-oh…..we only get one shot.

Who can I really trust to design this movie?   Really?

I remember the fear and excitement this revelation triggered simutaneously…..way back in the mid-90’s.

Then, like a bolt out of the blue…..I confessed…to myself….falling to me knees…..I was a control freak of the worst kind.

No idea what my needs were…..what I was interested in…..and as far as dharma, well, that was just too big.

And two word popped into my head as I re-read lesson two.

Slow down.

Your heart's desire is whispering to you, will you listen?
Your heart’s desire is whispering to you, will you listen?

Just becoming aware that I was reacting to life ….by making a living…..and had not thought….as I did as a kid….about what I really want and how it would effect others around me was a treasure!

I get to be romantic… fall in love with the idea, the single thought that I have not been thinking ….and slow down….to learn to think….and with some consistent effort….I might discover what my heart’s desire is and how that may help me and by extension……those around me.

And, if I struggle… be it…..because… the end, like a “rom-com” it will turn out fine in the end…..and if it’s not turning out fine….it simply is not the end.

Confessing I was a control freak was about the best thing I ever did… did not stop right away……but as I was learning in the lessons…..I could either continue to try and control the world….or learn to control myself by controlling my thoughts…

So, all you fellow control freaks……you wanted control… you’ve got it…


 What do you want?


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo sharing The Master Key Experience
Mahalo sharing The Master Key Experience



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Master Key Week 1 Is It True?


It’s a funny thing.   We all want guarantees and all guarantess really, at their very core have one question that needs to be answered.

Is it true?

The acutal definition of a guarantee is to “provide a formal assurance or promiseespecially that certain conditions shall be fulfilled relating to a product, service, or transaction”

I get so frustrated FOR [as opposed to frustrated at] new members who are looking for the

Debate: You've created every conditon in your life
Debate: You’ve created every conditon in your life

catch or who identify a sentence they don’t agree with as they embark on the greatest adventure on the planet, bar none.   I know what lies, really, on the other side of six months of dedication.    Specifically for each person?  No, of course not.

My frustration gets stopped in it’s tracks because I’ve always been blessed with the ability to “remember when” …and I remember when I first picked up the Master Key System back in the mid-90s and the real battle going on between my ears.

I had already decided to read the document as it was laid out…study the lesson for a week daily before moving on…and repeating that for 24 weeks.  The first lesson brought up the “need” for a guarantee.

I wanted to know that if I dedicated myself for 24 weeks for an hour to an hour and a half a day that there would be a pay-off…that it would work for me…that things would change and I’d have control over what changed.  At least that is what I “thought” I wanted, a guarantee.


I’d be remiss if I did not share with you how unhappy, scared and discontent I was when I embarked on this solo adventure.   Like most people I had filled my life with little dramas like money and relationship challenges so I didn’t have to think or even feel the discontent.  And, with a couple close friends, I’d vent or whine or wish things to be different.

So I’m reading this document, week 1, and suddenly I’m siezed with wanting assurances.  How ironic!   In essence …this life I am discontent with …is something I am not willing to give up …not even give up 90 minutes a day …of the very thing I’m venting, whining or wishing was different!   I’ve come to love irony…it’s been the gateway to humor for me…thank goodness.

Turns out I made a promise to myself to finish…so I keep reading daily and wanting to know what everyone mired in the momentum of mediocrity wants to know….

Will it work for me?   Is what I am reading true?   Will there be a pay-off?

Around day four I realize I am full of crap.   Totally.   I’m questioning Haanel and a few statements in Lesson One…but somehow they seem, my questions, bogus.   One passage keeps popping into my mind….

Master Key System: 1-35 A majority of mankind lives in the world without; few have found the world within, and yet it is the world within that makes the world without; it is therefore creative and everything which you find in your world without has been created by you in the world within

Defend or change?
Defend or change?

And there it was, in my face.   A simple decision needed to be made.   It would take two years for me to fully understand the wisdom in that one passage but it gave me enough at the time to grow up.   At least begin to grow up.

The decision?

Was I responsible for all the condtions in my life?   Had they all be created in my mind?

BANG!   It hit me.

I’m not looking for guarantees….I’m not asking “is this true” about the simple 4000 year old concepts here….what was I doing?   Hiding from personal responsibility.

That hurt and yet, really, there was an immense freedom felt simultaneously.

From Socrates to Emerson to Plato to Allen to Hill to Buddha to Master Teacher was this same thought … It was not guarantees I wanted….it was not assurances….it was not wanting to know if this document was true….nope..

It was me not wanting to take responsibility for the conditions in my life.

And when I did…yeah, it hurt but it carried with it the potential for immense power and that liberated me…amped up my commitment.

See, even on the embryonic state I was in I could see that if I had created the conditions, captured the hostages in my life…then it meant I was creative.

I remember, clearly, weeping like a 5 year old that day.


Free of the bondage of self…free at last from defending a life that I wanted to change.

Laid ego down
Laid ego down

Free of all the BS out there that wanted me to believe that something extrenal would make it all better.

Free to begin to think for myself.

Scared?  Sometimes I was.

Lonely?   Sure…once we see the truth of being and the “cement” and mini-dramas we set up not longer hold our interest there were moments of lonliness …breaking from the sheep, the “copies of copies” is not a choice once we accept the simple truth that we are our decisions and our decisions are based on what we think.

My advice about what to think?   Never.

My advice about thinking?   Do it

The passport to the life we want is a creative adventure.

Taking personal responsibilty for all the condtions in our lives, where we like them or not should be celebrated, not denied or berated.   By fully  embracing the idea that we created all of them that confirms we are creative…and means by changing our thinking, we can create a different outcome, different life….we can penertrate new worlds, meet interesting people and open ourselves up to discovery.

It was never a question of whether or not the world within creates the world without…and wanting to know “if it was true” … it was simply a question of laying down my ego and defensiveness, laughing at myself for hanging on to what I did not want, taking a deep breathe and stepping into the unknown…


mark januszewski

Mahalo sharing The Master Key Experience
Mahalo sharing The Master Key Experience



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Master Key Week 22 – Shhhhhh!

Quiet? Quite Challening

Got a spectacular text from one of our members, Craig Quartemain, who asked a very simple question while simultaneously making a statement. “…how are you?   Man, I got to ask you what in the world happens in these final weeks ?  This is CRAZY!!!!!”  [yes, Craig’s CAPS and yes, his 5 exclamation marks]

Craig Q
Craig Q

I can’t say all members feel that way but I am sure hoping that they do.   They prize for making the kind of effort Craig has made for the first 5 months of the challenging Master Key Mastermind Alliance course is really what we hope for…the thrill of self discovery.  [Next session begins September, 27, 2015 BTW] Once a member opens up to this adventure, the real adventure in life, everything else that the world shoves down our throat…marketed to make you feel inferior if you don’t “have” or are not doing them…like

  1. Superficial goals of companies that serve their hidden agendas
  2.  Cars
  3. Clothes
  4. Make-up
  5. Facebook
  6. “being normal”
  7. Video games
  8. Apps
  9. Smartphones
  10. I could go on forever….so could you, once you “know”

Anyway, once a member embarks on discovering their essence, once they begin to treasure their own divinity, all that other crap is boring by comparison.   Like so many of the 2014-2015 session, Craig’s paid the price by meeting the only requirements…honesty and effort…and…he’s reaping the rewards…..he’s on a “trip”, dwrafing anything Timothy Leary could conjure up 🙂 His text made me smile.   I can’t say I know how it is for him but I do know, for me, it simply “blew my mind.”   Craig, like so many, has become a “live wire.”


No longer fooled by the meaningless idea that something external can make our life better, the earnest members discover the world within, on a deep level.   This, if we give ourselves permission, let’s us connect to the Universal, the vital force behind everything and it puts a charge into us…once we realize we are a channel for infinite power and are, ourselves, pure potentiality, it is a shock.

The brutal disappointment at discovering the devious and nefarious ways the “system” strips of our indivduality and imagination is quickly dismissed by the kaleidoscope of adventure found within.   As we move away from the world’s ideas and understand our true nature is to be of service…that real life force, the source of all good, simply flows through us…..we transfrom into …live wires, vital, vitalized and bringing light, peace and understanding simply by our presence.

It's an adventure into the unknown
It’s an adventure into the unknown

It truly is a “trip” and Craig’s on it….like so many.   Grass is greener, permanatly …the sky is bluer, we see good in everyone, everywhere….no longer fooled by the conditioning of the “machine” trying to impose it’s values…and their hidden agenda;  doing anything necessary to get us NOT to think for ourselves and driving us to be “normal” and mired in the momentum of mediocrity

And…breaking away from 20, 30, 40 years of conditioning can feel…is…overwhelming. So I texted him back… “Yo, we’re just warming up” That was Friday, the 26th.

I knew after Sunday’s webcast, on the first, he’d be challenged, yet again, with the toughest challenge to date…THE EXERCISE.

The Exercise?

A vow of silence.

Real silence. The simple idea of silence, real silence, for a few days or more is someting most people instantly recoil from.

Members have been through so much challenge with us that they consider and, usually, try to do it….sort of. You can’t do it half way.   People like Craig won’t, he’s hooked on the high of life.   [aside: Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water – think the music from Jaws].

  • No cells
  • No texting
  • No drivel novels
  • No TV
  • No music
  • No nuthin’ that is a distraction.
Silence is the passport back to the future of unlimited wonder
Silence is the passport back to the future of unlimited wonder

It will get loud….louder and then REALLY LOUD in the head…but, because members are so cool at being able to control the only thing we truly have control over, thought…they will quiet the mind. It is in this spot…this dazzling place BETWEEN thoughts that the authenic connection is made…to ourselves, to the Universal….some call this the “gap” …that space between thoughts.

And, it’s when we come out of the “gap” that the wisdom, the Shaman within, enlightens us….further separating us from the mundane momentum of mediocrity. I know, sort of,  what members will discover…and know, on some level their wonder.

They will wonder why they initially fought off doing this…making excuses, like I did, all ego based.  They’ll laugh at their feeble reasons as to why they “just can’t set aside 3 full days” ….just like I did..somehow believing that the world is going to stop revolving without me, LOL.

The discovery, coming out of this silence..what I, sort of, know each will discover….their unique gifts, their pathway to bliss and the beginning of the full transformation into the marvelous, service driven, dynamic, “live wire” that has been waiting, patiently  for years for each of us….this unique, gifted, marvelous, loving fearless victor…is not found in the “noise” of the world…but within.

The passport to the live wire within?   Shhhhhhh!

believe mark januszewski

Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience
Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience
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Week 17 Master Key System, Honor, Hugs & Symbols?


How do we measure?

The bigger question, for most people, is ….

Why do we measure?

Non-Master Key students….or any other authentic self development course where facilitators do not influence the thoughts of members, [good luck finding that 🙂 ], are forever trapped in measuring to compare.   That’s sad…and really the point of Haanel’s Lesson Seventeen.

People, trapped in a culture that measure …how you measure up…who you are behind …who you are ahead of…have a map to the exact same destination.   Never enough. Never, ever enough.   We’ll shatter that nonsense in week 18 but for now, let’s send all the love we can muster to those trapped in constantly measure….status, achievement level,

It's kindness that creates...competition breaks down...decide
It’s kindness that creates…competition breaks down…decide

income…because, somehow, they just don’t get it is a dead-end road.   The need some love and if they feel it, it may ignite some hope…and they may find their path, not someone else’s path.

You see, other people’s path or our perception of them leads to “symbols” and those “symbols” lead to the illusion of power.   Master Key members know their is only one power a person has…control over only one thing.  Thought.

Once someone understands this, practices and masters it they automatically algin themselves with Universal Law or Mind or God…call it what you will.   And now the acqusition of a home, car, promotion is confirmation of power…it comes from within.

So how and why do Master Key members or students like myself measure?

9 words…move us from “comparing” to “creating” and that is minor distinction with massive ramifications.   We’ll all figure out what those are…but if we start with these 9 words, everything changes.   We are not measuring ourselves to see how much power we have ….or have not.   We are measuring to improve ourselves…to celebrate those who came before us and blazed the trail…

The 9 words?

What did I do right?

What can I improve?

Last year, during this past week, we asked the members to spot or do 2 acts of kindness a day…and kindly go the extra mile and acknowledge others efforts and kindnesses. Through Friday, last year, they hit 3292 RAKs [random acts of kindness including the kind act of noting other’s kind gestures]…and we tossed that out to this years group, promising I’d go out and give a hug for each member…if they met that challenge.

So last year the group …what did they do right?  3292 RAKs an a whole lot more…they touched and were touched by the live’s and kindness of other.

What can we do better?  Give more kindness….Emerson’s Law takes over, give more, get more so that not only is the act itself it’s own reward…the Universe showers it back…and so it did….just in the members area alone….new connections, mastermind princple understood….a vitality many had never known….including me.

Here is the significant difference between understanding, which these members do and the world’s reasons for measuring.

The 2013 session was rooting for all of us….feeling like part of a legacy.  That group made the world a little bit better….and this group built on it.  The 2104 members don’t feel like they “beat” last year’s members..they honored them.  The don’t feel like they have power over them or they are better…they are one.  They never lost site of the real objective…being kind.

How do I know?

When they hit 3300 an moved past the kindnesses of last year…..the dug in deeper…upping the kindness daily…every day there were more.  It was not about beating someone and winning…the real winners, they GOT IT….the real winners were those who simply, like the previous session, wanted to make the world a kinder place.

And…I promised if they make it kinder [what can I improve] 2 things would happen…they’d begin to realize their own incredible power and the worlds they live in would be sweeter.

So I get my promise of hugging 300+ peeps, one for each member, connecting all of us with a measure of love the competitive, combative world does not understand….YET!  World, we are coming….with kindness….these hugs are for you and those who paved the way


keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience
Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience


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Week 16 Master Key System, Kindness and Hugging?


I’m manifesting, right this second.   A vision I have held for years, 300,000 hugs from the heart …all given without a sense of obigation nor agenda…all 300,000 based in kindness.

OK, that’s not all of the vision.   To have 30,000 people all go out into the world on the same day and hug 100 people each may seem impossible to non Master Key members but I’m certain the 300 current members are wondering why I’m not aiming at 1,000,000.

And that’s a good question, after all, you may be thinking….if all 3000 did 350 in a day we’d be at 1,050,000 hugs.   Let’s kick that around at the MKMMA LIVE! Retreat – because, really, we need these to be from-the-heart hugs….we need to be aiming at the objective, hugging with the heart, a random and unexpected kindness ….not a race or obligation.

Kindness is the key to the hug…knowing, more today than ever, technology is separating us, not drawing us closer together….and, no matter how cool technology is, how slick, how wonderful some it is ….I can state, unoquivically, it will, no matter how much you love it….it will never love you back nor hug you.

Be kind to yourself and let go of what you don't need
Be kind to yourself and let go of what you don’t need

Kindness is the key to creating, without ourselves…the possibility that we can think for ourselves….the fear used to control the masses has done something more harmful than strip the average person from his ability to think….we’ve forgotten how to be kind to ourselves….by giviing that all week, seeing it everywhere and in everyone….it grows within us.    And the kindest thing that we can do, ever, becomes possible.

The kindest thing we can do?   Be kind to our future self…because once we are, we can hear again.   Hear our heart’s desire and act on it….once we do, the gifts we have become both apparent and active….and simply by giving it away, without expectation of reciprocity, we are being kind to all….and, you know the rest…..Emerson’s Law of Compensation does what it does….and it keeps coming back.

Is kindness the Master Key?   No….but I gotta tell you that for most members it is the beginning….the pathway, if you will….to “letting go of what we no longer need and claiming what we do require”

So the hug thing….it’s not about the number of hugs, it’s about the kindness of hugging from the heart, pushing out Scroll II, the love, in that split second.  Am I wrong?   Am I right? Fun to mastermind then find the 3000 then watch them NOT watch me when I go do my hugs but be out there doing it to….and you’re here at the beginning….


Last year 170-ish created and/or identified 3000 random acts of kindess, [RAKs],and shared it in our community….so I went out and did 200 hugs…

This year, staying with the above reasoning….I decided to give you that same number as last year for RAKs, trying to make certain that we stayed focused on kindness and not numbers.    Is it time to up the ante?  Do people know it’s not about 3000…that’s just a beginning?   Could I have done better?

You tell me…with your actions and commenting below….did I make a mistake in trying to help others see RAKs and setting the number of 3000 to low?  Could we do more without losing the point…we want to be kindness, not counters….

In any case….you’ve got a ways to go as a mastermind so I can do what I love to do for you…go hug a lot of peeps….One thing I think we must do in the future so we all “feel” both the mastermind principle and kindess…is the amount of kindness we see and do should increase daily…yes?

Think that over, leave me a your thoughts below…..and know, really, I want you to shattered that previous count and grow kindness from within… I can do this on a bigger scale….eventually leading to 300,000 hugs in 2018….all of us, taking it to the streets!

I guess I just love doing this so much…..blow me away, OK, because it’s your masterminding and piling on the RAKs that provides the love ….in each of these hugs….I get to think of you for hours….honoring you….up the ante baby, up it.  While you think that over, this is what last year’s members inspired..from the beginning of the “hug” day.

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience
Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience
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