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Week 21 Master Key Master Mind Alliance ~ Me? A Miracle Maker?


Yeah, yeah I know you’ve heard it before – this past week was my favorite week.

I guess a confession is in order.  The experience of knowing what’s in store for students of the Master Key System in our Mastermind Alliance makes every week seem like Christmas for myself and The Fabulous Davene.

I know that those serious members like Brian Bush and Josh Tuttle understand what just happened for Larry Lada – the explosive and indescribable feeling when we “get it”.

Get what?

That not only is it true that the inner world dictates what we manifest in our outer world but – and this is the “get it” part – it’s true for you.

Is it blasphemy to say we can create miracles?


For some reason people have linked the word miracle to religion, God and church.  For some the idea of thinking we can create miracles seems to shake the pillars of their belief and cause conflict with their study, progress and feelings.

Let’s clear all that up.

I spoke about sharing a few network marketing skills with a few people.  In turn, they share with a few more and eventually it turns into 100s and then 1000s.

I likened this to 100s or 1000s being fed from a few loaves.

The principle is that simply by being in service to others it inspires them to be in service.  When 100s or even 1000s are helped and can now help others it symbolically represents nourishment.

It is in the service to others that this dynamic can take place.

I really don’t know of a religion, a church or anyone’s understanding of God, not matter how different, that at it’s very core doesn’t suggest service.


The key element in understanding that miracles are taking place all around us, 24/7 is grasping the idea that we are not the creators of the miracles but a channel which they can pass through.

No one is suggesting that you can or can’t create or co-create miracles.  This is really the fun part for you to explore as you reflect on how far we have all come in the last 5 months.

At the very least being an observer of these astonishing and miraculous minute to minute events we’re constantly immersed in will lift your awareness of wonder.

It’s being aware of wonder, being startled by it that has more effect on those around you then anything you can possibly imagine.

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Mark Januszewski
The World’s Laziest Networker

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Week 20 Master Key Master Mind Alliance ~ One Eyed Man Is King, And So Are You


In the land of the blind a one-eyed man is king.

Yeah, it’s graphic but it’s something much more to those immersing themselves in the Haanel’s Master Key System …..and doing the work in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance course.

The leadership tips and leadership attritbutes we’re all discovering as a group are numbing and freeing at the same time.

Most newbies in networking quickly find the Internet…..and, thinking it’s a short cut……the interlopers find them.

And since these bottom feeding grifters all pitch the same thing…..leads, leads, leads……prospects, prospects, prospects…….most people end up trying to evaluate which ‘system’ out there is the best.

MKMMA [Master Key Master Mind Alliance] members know better……

It’s so clear…..once one knows the truth……

Prospects do not drive businesses…….distributors do.

Educated, skilled distributors drive businesses, not prospects.

This makes you, once you know this and know a couple of simple skills, a one eyed man in the land of the blind.


We know the second biggest lie in networking is ‘people don’t duplicate, systems to’……a myth perpetuated by people who want to sell systems.

Skills, taught hands on will improve everyone and the 3-deep pattern has been proven to be the only thing that, in fact does duplicate.

We hear this and see this with great networkers like Rob Kenyon, a master at teaching skills and Doug Karnuth.….who teaches with patience and precision.  Their blogs reflect some very interesting and profound leadership attirbutes.

It’s brilliant stuff but that is not really what is separating Doug and Rob from the pack of MLMers out that…….the difference is they know that it’s NOT about how many prospects they enroll ~ it’s what they teach the people they enroll …..the hands on skills are the deal……not systems and leads and generic mentoring.  They get it.

They are both kings in the sea of blinded, [by the internet gurus who sell ‘secrets’], newbies.

Rob and Doug know that there are no secrets ……never has been……..and no one needs to pay someone 400 bucks an hour to get coached.

They know that the ‘blind’ are led to places online that claim things like ‘what your upline doesn’t want you to know’…….what bullshit…..and, sadly, some people actually believe it and send these clowns money.

Kings……yes sir…..when you know the truth and help people learn what was freely given to you……you’ve placed yourself in the top 2% ……and become a lamp for others.

Yesterday I got 3…..not 1 …..or 2…….but 3 of the stupidest emails I have ever read……I cannot believe people that think this crap up actually sleep at night with any peace of mind at all…….you can check out my spin on them here.

Anyway……the question is not what successful human beings and successful people like the Doug’s or Rob’s teach….but how they got there.


Ah, the game changer for me years ago…….

The dot……

The dash……

The dash………..deciding to make that dash on your tombstone explosive, memorable……is wrapped up in Og’s Scroll 5 and living each say as it it was your last.

The dot…..blocks the dash……

Thanks for all the direct emails and comments…….here’s another version and how to acceclerate the process of getting off the dot and living………truly living a dash…..second to none.

Do you see how this makes you a one-eyed king in the land of the blind?

Sure glad to be in this class with all of you.

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mark januszewski

world’s lasziest networker

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Week 19 Master Key ~ ‘aha’ …..and a tiny bit more to Improve Yourself


Self doubt really sucks, eh?

And without a systematic way to improve yourself….myself…..any-one’s self, it gets worse.


This inter-webbie thing.  It’s 50x worse than TV for effecting your spirit, your self image.

If you just look around for a few minutes …….you can quickly feel……like…..

Everyone is making ga-zillions…..except me

Everyone is a mega-expert….except me

Everyone is skinny, rich, having fun and making money with no effort at all…..except, me.

Pitchmen……gotta love ’em…….but Master Key Masters know better

Time for a couple of ‘aha’ moments, don’t ya think?  By the way, Rich O’Brien’s heady spin on ‘aha’ moments is a quick must read.

EASY AS 1-2-3

1. Yes it will happen for each person who learns to focus, who follows directions.  The 15 minutes plus of silence daily, after filling the mind with higher ideas, ideals if you will……is simply not enough but it is a great start.

2. The exercises we have, all….really…..around your DMP will make all the difference in the world and put one in-line with Haanel’s mandate…..that thinking negative thoughts 23 hours and 45 minutes a day then thinking postive for 15 will change nothing.  The exercises, the Master Key Master Mind Alliance exercises couple with Og Mandino’s suggestions and Haanel’s Master Key guide lines for the week …..will help, as Rich O’Brien points out…..intuition….the right type to be a ‘visitor’ that helps calm us and enlighten us…..give us the ‘aha’ moment.

3. Manners.  We are taught by Haanel and Mandino to hone our manners……so this guest returns….often………because it feels honored and respected.


Got an email recently……someone peddling some crap……who had… 18 months personally sponsored 13,000 people.

That would be hard to do in one of those stupid free sign-up deals…..emailed and asked how much the enrollment was and couple you provide proof?

Needless to say… response.

People who do not study and raise their level of thought feel stupid…..come on, 13,000…give me a break….

See, the outrageous claims and slick writing ….. more on this one in my other blog tomorrow… exactly and precisely that when you are tuned it.

Most people are not……so sad……

Master Key Master Mind Alliance partners have a real chance if we just stay with the 1-2-3 drill.

Our willingness is a direct indicator as to whether or not we will ‘get it’….


This power to alter your thought and by extension your destiny was so beautifully illustrated by Success Coach Kathy Zimmer on Sunday’s webcast.

Kathy stated, “Our belief’s determine our behavior.

Clear, eh?

Dovetailed beautifully with Diane Norris profound point after point regarding leadership and the time to lead is now…..linking these 2 leaders and idea makes it clear that people in this Master Mind have the power to read through the hype and lies…..set in motion with one purpose… make you feel bad so you’ll spend money.   Diane sure made it clear no one follows a parked car.

The power that let’s you invite divine intellegence is really you choice and this power to create a plan and succeed is already with each of us…..

We simply have to cultivate it ….improve our manners so it returns more and more often…..and give it away as often as we can.

It is within this act……this simple act of trust of helping others …..that it continues to return in larger chunks.


Well, the Universal Mind is going to look for the pipe line it can create the most good through for the most amount of people.

You already have “it” and you already have the exercises so that you can keep the ideal in the front of your mind all day long…….and for those who’ve been faithful for 20 or so weeks now to the Master Key Master Mind, clearly….we all know the value of that and that false values cannot seep into minds having and holding ideals.

It’s a simple formula ……focus, concentrate …..practice and you get better at the head part and a couple of simple skills……

Once we know what to say and what to do……in our mind……and with out mouth……we can help others

And that, really, is money.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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Week 18 Master Key System ~ Break or Breaking Point


We were swamped this week.

Gotta love the effects of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance and the leadership in develops



More calls.

Long discussions.

The Fabulous Davene and I needed a couple days to figure this out, over expresso, of course.

Again, you are not going crazy… only feels that way.


Our big thing was trying to figure out why it was so intensified this week……the heart to hearts…..questioning the material…….feeling great and awful……knowing how powerful yet bummed about personal performance.

Why so much this week?

Thank goodness the bride is ‘feelings’ driven ……she got me to understand people were ‘feeling’ things, stuff……..big stuff in some cases.

Most of the time this kind of stuff would come up sometime between weeks 7 to 11……

Why is it so much later.

Cute aside:  We thought we were just doing a better job…..when these ‘feelings’…..rough spots…….and questioning of the course and or us…….

Then……bang……..lot’s of folks calling and asking for help.

We’ve figured it out.

Most of the students we’ve had in the past had a relationship with us …….and the trust level coming in was much higher……..since they trusted early or right off the bat…….the committed faster……and came face to face with the hero’s journey sooner.

That scary and awesome fork in they road, you road.


Go for what?

In week 22 we hope you’ll learn something about miracles that will blow your socks off…….but you can’t get it if you are not moving past the known to the unknown, the self discovery works correctly folks, not backwards.

What does that mean?

It means that you don’t get the power over self, the gift of mastery over the fact you’re nature’s greatest miracle and ……THEN …….take the hero’s journey…… means you take the journey, you decide to take the hero’s journey by taking it……and……as you go through these trials and tests……power over self, courage…….mastery over your old blueprint and the ability to create and KEEP a new one happens…..

The Fabulous Davene spoke of Atonement …….and you can see it here………but she also changed the word, without changing the letters…….to


Pretty cool, eh?

This At-one-ment…… this context……brings you back to the known as this powerful, inspiring, amazing force…..


See, realizing we are all connected and all that great stuff in is the material and we can get it on an ‘intellectual level’ but ……as Davene like to say [yeah, she’s quoting], “Knowledge does not apply itself.”

And that means?

We’ve got to change our minds.  What is really interesting about changing your mind, my mind…….is that it takes one-one-billionth of a volt.

That is it!

The ‘stuff’ folks are going through is the breaking point for most people……it’s that point when the choice is clear; there is no longer anyplace to hide……and we either run back to the known and betrate ourselves, the class or the material.

But as Huxley said, ‘the truth does not cease to be the truth just because I deny it.’

You are nature’s greatest miracle…..and you are a hero…… it or not

You just have to change your mind……a tiny bit.

I want you to understand the power of this so here is a little clip from the core of week 22 ……

I suggest watching it twice, it’s short.

It is about the pay-off and about hitting a moment of perfection……and unleashing the power……….

Here is a taste of something 95% or more will never ‘get’ and you do…..

Here is what is going to happen……..on the hero’s journey


mark jaunszewski

world’s laziest networker

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