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Week 17 Master Key Master Mind Alliance ~ Hero’s Journey


It’s been wonderful reviewing a few weeks and seeing things that were extremely challenging a couple of months ago – like growing a plant in your mind from a seed – now much easier.

Nature’s Greatest Miracle, eh?

The experience of tremendous concentration and using the Laws of the Mind to gain a brilliant insight are often followed by a search for my sunglasses or car keys.  Feeling brilliant one second and like a primate the next second is something most people torture themselves with.

I really want to encourage you around my favorite Law of the Mind – The Law of Practice.

Master Key students for years, just like those who attempt to read the Scrolls, seem to have unrealistic expectations about how fast they should learn and grasp the material.


Temptation is really good at it’s job.  You are on the cusp of greatness and tempation to be hard on yourself, skip assignments or start making excuses regarding time are normal reactions to being confronted about the Hero’s Journey.  Actually I should say realizing you’ve been invited to take the Hero’s Journey and reclaim the magnificent, Divine Spark that resides within you.

It’s normal.  Relax.

Every year Vince Lombardi would walk into the locker room on the first day of practice and hold up a football.  The room would quiet down.  Lombardi would bellow, “Gentelmen, this is a football.”

Green Bay went on to win 5 championships in 6 years, it’s never been matched.

What does this have to do with the Hero’s Journey?

Lombardi kept it simple and those great Packer teams drilled on basics over and over and over again.

Simply utilize the flash cards, the mind gym and keep reviewing the 7 Laws of the Mind so you become a better operator of the mechanism.  Let’s not forget the basic premise: creating a demand in the subconscious.

The demand, once created and backed with a burning desire, will help inspire the subconscious to find the supply – you know this – so avoid the temptations and distractions and focus on the Law of Practice and good old coach Davene…….. who likes to say, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is a flash card”.

We thought you might be interested in a little video about Joseph Campbell, George Lucas and the Hero’s Journey you are about to take.


Mark Januszewski

The World’s Laziest Networker

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Week 17 Master Key System ~ Letting Down or Uplifting


After the amazing “kindness” experience last week that kept us all focused and brought the Master Key Mastermind Alliance to warp factor 5 some folks have expressed a little drop off in energy.  This is really not necessary and simply by understanding what we have been reading we can uplift ourselves by implementing Emerson’s Law.

It really was astonishing to see over 1500 kindnesses identified and shared.

Can we top that?




One of the functions of the exercise was to mature the Mastermind Alliance.   No one that participated denies we’ve moved beyond the embryonic stage and experienced first hand the incredible power of two or more people working in perfect harmony with laser focus on a definiteness of purpose.

The question is how do we embrace this experience and not feel a let down?

Three simple steps and understanding Emerson’s Law on a new level.

  1. Get in the Franklin experiences 3 – 5 times a week
  2. Follow 2 – 4 people and compliment, compliment, compliment thier weekly focus
  3. Ride their personal makeover like your life depended on it

Understand that giving this type of encouragement, acknowledgement and volunteering, with action, to be a positive accountability makeover partner will pour blessing into your life that are incomprehensible and priceless.

There are 7 words that can change a life.  Those 7 words will appear in the material shortly.

I say “can” because those words are an idea for some and a reality for others.

If you follow those three suggestions when you read those 7 words your heart will soar, you will weep tears of joy….


Mark Januszewski

The World’s Laziest Networker

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Week 16 Master Key System ~ Is Nature’s Greatest Miracle Really A Flasher?


So people hold it in their hands, the Key to the Kingdom, the map to wealth in all 13 areas of a person’s life…..and they just don’t follow the directions, not all of them anyway.


Why is it so hard to get it?

Is it a complex program for simple people?

Is it a simple program for complex people?

My experience has taught me those questions, no matter how they are framed, are all rooted in the same place……sloth.


The endless discussions to solve this ‘riddle’ is like the ‘old shell game’ … know…..which of the 3 cups is the ball under.


The bigger question is why do people spend more time distracting themselves than it would to do the work.



Philosophical differences with the material?

Spiritual difference with material?

And there we go again, distracting ourselves.


In the past week alone over a dozen folks have contacted us about the Master Key System course.

Interesting is 11 of them decided NOT to apply for a scholarship, they were going to do it on their own.

It did not work out but they did all discover wisdom in the Master Key and want help……the conversations and emails clearly indicated frustration at not being able to do what the members of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance have been able to do……stick with it.   Don’t think for a second the blogs are not making a huge impact.

On a huge number of people?

Not yet, but it’s growing.

That’s not as important as the depth of the impact…..on an individual.

They now know, on some level, the power of an authentic Master Mind Alliance.

And I wonder, really wonder…..if we appreciate how much we are doing for each other.

See, those looking in at what the members have helped co-create will never really get the speed of light is slow compared the the speed of thought.  And the cumlative effect of the child-like exercises, [not childish], took a jump to ‘warp speed’ this week.

Flashing is drives us to new heights in self esteem, [you really are Nature’s Greatest Miracle you know 🙂 ] and warp-factor-4 speed with the Law of Growth.



The compounding effect.

Flashing drives your DMP into the frontal lobe and connects achievements with shapes, math, color while disconnecting your sense of identity from associative memory ……..and simultaneously links all that DMP & PPN stuff, the new blueprint ….to your authentic self.

Want more speed with less effort?

While flashing, when you can, use the mind gym principle.

Now most of us would not know about this nor try these things if we did not know others, who continue to share from the heart, were doing it to.

It is the loving acts of kindness and courage that help us ‘do it’ ….Flash, read with excitement….


Greatest Miracle?


Bank it baby…’s true.


mark januszewski

world’s lasziest networker

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Week 15 Master Key Master Mind Alliance Makeover


Week 15 is such an exciting time because the dues, the time and the effort begin to pay massive benefits for you as an individual.

The idea behind creating a world without from the world within, the change and unnerving experience about how life works is interesting to say the least………. sometimes challenging….. and, while it resonates on many levels depending on the kind of week or day we are having, the truth is it can “feel” like words on a page or …..somebody else’s idea until we experience practical application.

Transitioning these big or macro ideas into a “what can I do today” micro-experience starts an entirely new ‘creation’ for us as individuals……the make-over.


Remember? Don’t be scared……of your light.

Let it shine baby 🙂

Great advice.  It’s exciting to give yourself a makeover but it can feel pretty “different.”

You may recall in the early videos, before you even enrolled, we talked about the fact that we have to become a different person before we’ll do different things.  While the rest of America struggles to stop doing certain things – smoking, over-eating, etc – dooming their fate before they begin – you’ve chosen a different path.  You’ve decided to become a different person and because of the dues you’ve paid coupled with your knowledge of the Law of Growth you’ll be able to manifest a different you.

That different “you” will be able to do different things and obtain different results.  Here’s how powerful this experience is for those, like you, who have paid the price already for a successful 2011.

You, unlike most of America, understand that by choosing a virtue and focusing on that instead of trying to “get rid” of a defect sets you apart from 98% of the people out there struggling to improve.



Mark J

The World’s Laziest Networker

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Week 14 Master Key Master Mind Alliance ~ Insurmoutable Advantage



We’re really good at organzied planning for the course…..really good at it.

I’d love to tell you we planned this break, Week 14 and New Year’s ~ but it just is one of those things, it just worked out that way.

I love it when that happens, when things fall into place effortlessly, don’t you?

In 14 we read [section 29], If you wish harmonious conditions in your life, you must develop an harmonious mental attitude.

Is there, really, anyone who does not want, at the core of all resolutions people make, harmonious conditions?

I mean, really, isn’t that why people make promises, resolutions if you will, on New Year’s Day?

Think about it.

We all pick things, until know the Master Key & Law of Growth stuff, that we think will make us better, easier to deal with, life better… what?  Why?  Harmony.

In the end, it is at the core, harmony and happiness [which can’t come without harmony], every resolution is designed, knowingly or not, to bring harmony.

Ever hear of someone making a resolution so it will make relationships or life worse?

Resolutions to create disharmony, fights, pain and suffering? 🙂


[Actually, 3 Insurmountable Advantages]

You know, you get it …….95% do not know.

One simply cannot give power to things they do not want to get what they want.

200,000,000 [yup, two hundred MILLION] ….or more….resolutions will be made on January 1st that have no chance.

You cannot quit smoking by thinking about…….???…..oh, my… know what is coming next! The resolution makers, even if they read it, would never get it.  They have not paid the price you have paid ~ real effort to learn how the mechanism works::::> Law of Growth.

Can one quit smoking but thinking about quitting?

Not for long AND, my gosh, the pain while growing the desire.

Do you know this is a foreign language to most people?

This is your insurmountable advantage.

Not over others, of course, over yourself.

We no longer make this mistake ~ we know the Law of Growth and what it needs to be linked to.

Advantage 2? Not only do you know to end your day on a success,, Scroll 3.

Advantage 3? A Master Mind Alliance.


You started 2011 and a new life on September 26th.

Most people, who had a good idea on how to improve, WAITED till today [January 1st]……not you.

You took action, through out the calendar and made a different choice.



mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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