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Master Key Week 5 ~ Press Releases:Linking, Peptides and Pep Talks


Week 5 is one of those ‘turn weeks’ in the course as The Fabulous Davene likes to say.  Her great post equating give birth to the course is not close….it is spot on.

Now that the ante is upped, you know….we’ve actually put calling possibilities into a plan of action AND asked everyone to share their vision……the old neuro-net is starting to kick in for all of us.

In the beginning we explained our old, familiar behaviors would demand top priority and we learned in week 4 that we actually have a chemical dependency to those feelings of underachieving……and breaking a chemical addiction is not easy.

So, those who are suddenly feeling the ‘I don’t know if I have time for ALL this,” or the “I can’t write a press release like so-and-so” or “What if they ask us to do more stuff like call people about our business and write more stuff about myself I have to put out in public?” ……..or…..or …..or……fill in the blank……it is simply our ‘old identity’ rearing its ugly head and our cells demanding its peptides to confirm a sense of self.


We joined because we wanted change….now that we are on the cusp of it….it is scary but not in any way we’ve ever experienced.

It is light!


We shared you would experience this if you were dilligent….’it is not our darkness we fear but that we are powerful beyond measure.’

Now that we are on the brink of change, we want to turn back to…..drum roll please….we want to turn back to the very thing we wanted to change.

Irony.  I love irony.

Every word and the sequence is there for a reason.

Every pointing out of pot holes at a specfic time in the course is linked to something else…..and something else……and should lead you back to your DMP.

Let’s connect some dots, some of you already have…..but first, a word about The Fabulous Davene’s post and this feeling like childbirth.

Virgin birth does not only appear in the Bible……it was written about in several different cultures long before the Master Teacher arrived.

The birth here is the birth of a new reality for each of us and to make that happen we must birth a new person….scary…..just like the film in week 4 says…”What am I so addicted to that I am not willing to give up so I can have something different?”

Well, that is a big question you can work out the details on but the big thing is this: Change is stressful and under stress people tend to do what they like to do, what they are used to doing BUT most of all, they like to do what is familiar….which is in direct conflict with the change…..and very often what is familiar is what we want to change….YIKES, go figure 🙂


Tell your cells to deal with it….they ain’t getting their fix.

Is it easy or is it hard?

It all depends on you following what is on the index card faithfully.

“I can be what I will to be,” 20x a day.  Right?

How you doing with that?

Out loud?


Get to chanting and tell those cells to take a hike, they are not getting their fix….they are going to have to learn to deal with changing brands to the feeling you have around your vision.

Feelings around vision?

Now you know why so many DMPs went back and forth?  Feelings.  Me on the bully pulpit, remember?

Let’s link…..So now the press release…..this is your ‘I can be what I will to be.’

Chapter 5 of The Master Key asks you to think of pleasant place and the details.

So you’ve been reading, out loud, with feeling the DMP and we ask you to write a press release the same week Haneel wants you in a ‘place.’

Do you see the timing of the material to the exercises.

“I can be what I will to be,” is your new reality…..the completed DMP ….coinciding with imagining a place in week 5…….and if you’ve been reading and reading out loud with excitement simply use the 15-30 minutes to imagine yourself being interviewd…..see it in your mind’s eye and when you are done, write down what you saw.

Screw The River of Dreams and the addiction to the parts of your old self you no longer want…..give birth in your mind to the new reality and know only one thing and one thing alone can stop you…….fear that you are powerful beyond measure.

What? Little old me?

You were made first class by first class …..and can go first class by doing a first class job of helping others…….and here is the BOMBSHELL.


When you recruit, when I recruit….we are….implying we can help other’s have a better life.

If we don’t believe we can have a better life for ourselves……why should they believe we can help them?  Truth?  They should not.  And, they don’t.

Oh, they can’t quite put their finger on it but they know not to join.

Closing, presenting…..all good stuff but the #1 recruiting tool is your vision.


They don’t need to know what it is….but they know if you know where you are going…..

Would you follow someone who does not know where they are going?

The Fabulous Davene loves saying, “no one follows a parked car.”

Get out of park, ramp up the exercises and excitement, do what Haneel says in week 5 and the place you imagine is where you will be when you manifest your DMP….see it and write it down.

See it, write it ….do it…

Quiad told Foxx on the side lines….for the last play of the game……to ‘See it before you do it’

Watch him see it …..then do it…..

You gotta see it before you can do it.


mark j

world’s laziest networker

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Week 4: Thoughts That Fire Together Wire Together, Here’s an Edge


There is a time when each member starts to understand the confluence of the exercises has one primary purpose: to get their thoughts firing together around a new idea.

For each of us, well for most people, there comes an ‘Ah-Ha’ moment.  The day, time and place is different for all of us…..hey, we’re all a little different.

The urging, [OK,OK…the bullying], to get ‘feelings’ attached to the thoughts that will create a new blueprint, a.k.a. neuro-net has been a major focus for a reason.

From the clips in the previous blog-post we know that thoughts firing connect or wire together creating a ‘feeling’ and that ‘feeling’ releases peptides…..dfferent than have been released in the past.

The ‘Ah-Ha’ moment for some has come already…..that there really is a method behind the madness.


By mastering things we know we can control… reading an index card with some very simple and doable things on it …..and establishing the habit of

1]a thought

2]writing it down

3]reading it

4]promising to do it and

5] doing it …..we are following Hanee’sl sage advice…..and over the next few weeks we’ll simply up the ante once the habit is established and a feeling of accomplishment is linked to it.

But….it’s more… this ‘habit’ …. “thought-write-say-do” ……replaces the ‘habit’ of proscrastination……and this ‘habit replacing a habit’ links to Scroll 1…..

But…’s more… this simple chore is linked back to our DMPs…..

The linking thread is one of the 7 Adult learning patterns ~ Spatially…..

By noticing a particular color and/or shape all week… should link us back to the index card….a specific task on the card…..which WIRES to the PPNs….

Noticing how these things are linking……….and how ‘cunningly’ we put these things together is fun, we hope you enjoy it…..but….the ‘Ah-Ha’ comes when we discover we really are firing new thoughts together with a purpose …..and wiring them is going to be taken care of by the subconscious.


Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing how to integrate the service index card, your PPNs and your Plan of Action with the 7 adult learning patterns so there will be a constant bombardment, effortlessly and unconsciously, of new, vitalizing thoughts about our new reality…..the manifestation of your DMP.

The idea of starting with shapes and colors, spatially, is something anyone can control….we’ll up the ante soon.


By linking together colors and shapes with particular things within my DMP….it will intensify the connection of the new thoughts and make the connections of thoughts I want firing and wiring together stronger faster…….

Here is an example.


Mark Januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

Master Key Mastermind Alliance

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Master Key Week 4: I Gotta change for things to change….but…..Is Change Possible? Master Keys, Week 4


Everyone still in the course by week 3 claims to LOVE the MKMMA course……love, love … it!

emails…..calls……handwritten notes……

This week, Webcast 4……everyone quit.

Well, not everyone…..but most everyone quit.

How is that possible?  How could they LOVE it and then quit?


Well, there are really 2 types of folks who quit.

One type that quit just figures this stuff is too far out there…….like, it’s too bizarre.  I understand how they feel.

Freaked me out too.   Was I really and truly the creator of my own reality and had I really developed a chemical dependency in my cells ……and was I doing things subconsciously to create situations to re-confirm my identity?  That same identity in fact that I said I wanted to change so badly that I joined an MLM again when I swore I would not?

YIKES…..much easier for some of us to classify this as to freaky and walk away…..I get that.

The second group of people who quit …..quit in a different way.  They quit doing this course 80% of the way.

They get from these 2 videos below and the classes that anything less than what Wooden and other AUTHENTIC achievers preach……100% …..100% of the time is the pathway to change.


Reading the Greatest Salesman 1 or 2 times…..they quit that and do it 3x a day.

The read out lound……LOUDLY…..things like the Blueprint Builder….with VIGOR and VITALITY.

They do the chore index card…..exactly they way it is laid out…..they quit doing it once in a while and read it with the same excitement as if they hit a lottery…..

They quit judging whether or not they need to do this part…..or that part……

The quit 2 things really…….

  1. Quit the debating team about each exercise we ask them to do and simply do it 100%
  2. Quit doing the exercises half-heartedly and self-consciously.

As they say in Texas Hold’em……this group of quitters move ALL IN.


Is it possible?



You bet.



Feel hard?



We crave identity….a sense of  “I”…….who am “I”?

Our cells want their fix…..cells want those peptides, [self pity, victim, anger, fear, resentment, poor me, things like this never work for me, failing, etc.]  that they are used to.

By having and holding a vision for a different reality for ourselves we can create a new blueprint.

But……always a but right?

But the average person like myself is usually not able to hold a thought for more than 6 to 10 seconds.

That is the work part and we have a bunch of really cool ways to constantly feed your new Definiteness of Purpose into our minds all day long with little or no effort.


For all you quitters who’ve decided to move “All In” …..fasten your seat belt, we are in for the ride of a life time…..and a few little tricks to get the that attention on your intention expanded.




mark j

world’s laziest networker

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Can We Inhibit Our Thoughts?


In week 2 we are asked to ‘inhibit’ our thoughts by Charles Haanel.

Not so easy…..but take it easy folks.

You’ve got a few more weeks of trying to do that while doing things with your body.


My first go round with this had me wanting to throw in the towel.  I could sit for 15-20 minutes, still.  Stone cold still.

But my mind would race……then really get going. 🙂


Trying to inhibit my thoughts was kind of hard……er impossible with 24 movies running in my head.

Did the Sox win last night?

Gotta get dog food.

Do I need other stuff at the store?

How much is Cod and Haddock today?

I gotta get by the Starboard Galley before 2 to pick up a check.

Chelsea’s piano lesson, Derek’s soccer game…..WAIT….inhibit.

Confused, I tried to convince myself I did not know what inhibit really meant…….but if I reach for the dictionary I won’t be sitting still and have to start all over again.  Who invented the dictionary?  Where was mine anyway?  Oh, yeah….I remember, in Derek’s room…..NO! WAIT!  Concentrate….inhibit.

And these were just the previews….my mind raced from how to avoid traffic heading into Boston to redesigning the entire tax system and running for Congress…..really?


I had missed the point.  I think.  I can’t be sure because I never had a conversation with Haanel.

I realized, as Billy Joel’s River of Dreams was racing through my head, that maybe he was making a point while encouraging us to do this exercise.

Joel talks about the River of Dreams as being ‘wide and to hard to cross’ and the idea that came into my mind was the gazillions of ideas we get bombarded with daily….from commercials to movies were other people’s illusionary standards intended to make me feel inferior so I would buy their stuff…..hmmmm

I needed my own dream…..not society’s idea of what was ‘normal’ and ‘right’…..and certainly not the Madison Ave. Ad-men creating my standards.

And, I remember thinking…..what do I really want?

My mind went blank for a couple of seconds.


I knew it was possible, as he said….that I could get a few moments at a time.

I learned, right there in that moment or two that my standards were not really mine……I was not creating but reacting.

I have always wondered if Haanel knew when folks first attempted this they would begin to discover how much noise there is and we needed to learn how much, daily, was pouring into our subconscious…..


Did he have this exercise designed to do two things?  The stated goal was one……but was he trying to get us to realize the habitual bombardment of all our senses, all day long….was a wake up call so we’d start using our conscious mind as a ‘vigilant guardsman’?

Week 3 I’d have several moments [2 seconds here……3 there……] of being able to inhibit all thought.

Just like anything in life…..I got better with practice.

Part of the improvement was practice…..and part of it was becoming an ‘observer’ of all around me and deciding what I was going to ‘pay attention’ to ……

I shut the TVs off and cut the cords.

And the sitting got better.

I stopped listening to the radio.

And the sitting got better.

I stopped reading about politics and things got a LOT better. 🙂

I discovered being relaxed about it, physically and mentally, not only was amazing [when I hit the sweet-spot] but my energy level skyrocketed.

Now I can get into that state easily and for decent periods of time.

Re-carving a new identity in the areas I wanted to improve or change sounds great but until we can empty our minds…..that is just not going to happen…’s like bringing new furniture [thought] into a room already filled with furniture.  Just more stuff.

The Hollywood Ending was the result of effort…..who’d have thought doing nothing, absolutely nothing, with body and mind was so hard.

Knowing….that is becoming aware….of how much was going on made it easy for me to press on because I had a moment where I realized my mind was filled with other people’s ideas ……..and they had so cluttered my mind that I simply do not have the space or time to think and think creatively……….time to allow this amazing gift we were all given, free…….our minds…….a clear track.

How did it happen?

Awareness is the beginning of change.

I became aware while failing how much nonsense I was let pour in ……gumming up the workings of the most remarkable mechanism we were all gifted with.

That alone was so stunning a revelation that it gave me the courage and tenacity to keep trying…….and eventually experience and acess  the thrilling power that had been latent all those years.



mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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Master Key Week 3: Ever Wonder Why We Can’t Follow Clear Directions To Succeed?


The formula?


The following and execution?


What is the problem if it is simple, easy to follow and easy to execute?

Identity and addiction.

Huh?  Addiction?


Ok, so Harry decides, this time, he is really going to do it.

Do what?

Achieve beyond any level that he has in the past.  Let’s say Harry has joined a home-based business venture.  The theory, which is no theory at all, is Harry’s achievement level is determined not in his resolution but in a blueprint that has been established before Harry even signed up.

This blueprint is real.  Yeah, I kinda commandeered that word to express an idea that’s a little complicated scientifically but it’s not complicated in reality.

There’s an old saying that history repeats itself.  That’s not really true.  History doesn’t repeat itself, people do.

So Harry has established a pattern of how he is going to perform before he even enrolls in the new business and his resolution that “This time is going to be different” while heartfelt will default to Harry’s neuro-net.

What the hell is a neuro-net?

I guess now you know why I use the word blueprint.

A neuro-net is a series of thoughts and feelings that fire together every time something familiar comes across Harry’s plate.  It’s been scientifically proven that thoughts that fire together wire together.

When we say the blueprint is real it’s not an idea it’s a fact.  Harry will default to the blueprint as soon as situations with his new business look like situations with his previous failures.


The Master Key System teaches that thoughts, that is new thoughts, directed in a particular way, can create a new neuro-net and change can happen.

See, when Harry has a thought that is similar or parallel to previous experience his body fires peptides throughout his entire system.  These peptides are absorbed by every cell in the body.

UT-OH – Every single person and every single cell inside every single person is addicted to particular peptides.  They are addicts, our cells.

For Harry or me or you or anybody to actually effect change so that we don’t default to our blueprint we have to break the addiction to the peptides that we are currently releasing by creating different peptides.   We can only do this by having and holding continually a different thought in our mind and imagining over and over and over again how it would feel to obtain that new objective.

What does this mean?

It means that while we want to follow the directions until there is something bigger at stake, something we really, really need, something that is virtually oxygen for our soul we will default to the chemical dependency that has already been established between our cells and these peptides that are linked to feelings and thoughts.

Can it be done?


The writing of a definiteness of purpose that incorporates the oxygen for the soul needs that so many have denied ourselves for years written in a certain format and repeated daily out loud with enthusiasm is the beginning.  What actually happens is the imagined experience becomes real the feelings become real and new peptides are released.  What’s really cool is the damn cells don’t give a red rat’s rear-end what kind of peptides they are getting; they just want their peptides.


It’s pretty simple.  The habits of thought that the Harrys of the world have held for years need to be replaced by new habits, new thoughts.  This takes work.  So the answer to the question, “Why can’t we follow clear directions to success?” is really simple.  It requires dedication to a vision unseen, belief, encouragement and an association with other people we can identify with that are determined to do the same thing.


Mark J

The World’s Laziest Networker

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